Unlike the chic urban image of the coffee machine, the art of automatic tea making has always carried with it a Heath Robinson-esque sense of improvisation. London-based design studio Joy Resolve aims to transform that ad-hoc spirit into a desirable object, with their new Barisieur Immersion Edition.

We’ve already sampled the delights of their coffee-focused version, but there’s an increased emphasis on mechanical and chemical alchemy with the new tea machine, which resembles a piece of high-end domestic laboratory equipment.

That image is aided and abetted by the use of scientific borosilicate glassware, which is paired with a removeable walnut or blond timber wood tray, all of which sit above the black or white base unit. This incorporates a simple dimmable digital display for time and alarm, as well as a specially cooled milk storage area. While water is boiled via an induction coil in the vessel on the lift, rising through the tube into the Brew Chamber, where it is dispersed over your choice of loose leaf tea (or even immersion coffee). The combination of image, function and sound come together to create a ritualistic performance, hissing and bubbling away until the perfect cup is achieved, right on time. §