Product designer Tokujin Yoshioka turns the mobile phone ’inside out’ with his new X-Ray design for Japanese brand KDDI, making a surprisingly slick featuring out of circuit boards and internal mechanisms.
Made from a combination of polycarbonate and glass fibre, the skinny flip-phone sports an LED strip that lights up to show who’s calling, the time and the message. It’s the latest in a series of explorations into the concept of transparency by the designer, ranging from a giant crystal window in Seoul to an ’Invisible’ chair for Kartel. ’I am attracted to objects that reveal their nature through the transmission of light,’ he explains.
The X-Ray’s smart graphics were handled by Groovisions - under the guidance of Yoshioka - and include three types of world clock, while the clear sounds come courtesy of" target="_blank" >Kujun
. Other impressive specs include a high-speed CPU, which dramatically boosts processing speed, an 8 megapixel camera, and a 1-Seg TV tuner.
The X-Ray is also equipped with a transparent stand. Just like Yoshioka’s Invisible chair did for the sitter, the stand makes the mobile phone appear to float in the air.