After three frenetic months, furniture makers Matthew and Andrew Galvin must be in high spirits as their latest project comes to fruition. Jameson Works (the creative arm of the eponymous whiskey brand) invited the Yorkshire-based siblings to craft their ideal drinking den, launching today at London bar Reverend JW Simpson.

Various tables and a console bench handcrafted from sustainable European oak make up this small but perfectly formed collection, which intends to encourage a more communal and holistic approach to drinking. The ‘Drinker’s End Table’, for example, comprises a spindle cabinet to store whiskey and mixers at the bottom, while the top shelf provides a surface on which to mix up cocktails with a whiskey sink, lime conical and chopping board.

The project also sees the Galvin Brothers extend their repertoire further as they experiment with methods and materials new to them, such as steam bending and copper. The use of the latter in particular was inspired by a trip to the Jameson factory, where it is an integral part of the distillation process. To wit, the brothers have echoed this detail in handspun copper beakers (nickel-plated, so as not to react with the whiskey), a two-tier ice bucket, and integrated coasters.

The pop-up whiskey den will remain in London until mid-August before travelling north to a new home in Liverpool, while the furniture range is available to purchase online. That’s top tipple as far as we’re concerned.