Picking up on the growing popularity of athletic leisurewear, a new cosmetic category has emerged, consolidating and enlarging the active beauty treatments with high-performance, lightweight, heat-reactive cosmetics designed to suit those with a penchant for physical exercise.
FRÉ​ Skincare

Fitness-focused brand FRÉ offers a package of moisturiser, cleanser and serum, which, when used in sequence, results in a bright, glowing complexion by tackling the usual culprits of sweat-induced skin damage: breakouts, dehydration and ageing.

Oxygenetix’s range of breathable face foundations, meanwhile, creates a healing, nourishing ‘second skin’, keeping skin supple and camouflaged throughout the most strenuous of activities.

And US brand Yuni covers post-workout washing issues with its paraben- and sulfate-free shower sheets. These large, individually-wrapped, waterless body wipes instantly eradicate sweat and smell, allowing you to easily freshen up and deodorise on the go.

This growing attention to our gym face means we no longer need to choose between our dermis and our deltoids.

As originally featured in the Janaury 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*226)