You may have no desire to live in the suburbs. But if white picket fences don’t interest you, maybe edible ones will. The newest menu at U.P., the eight-seat after-hours dessert-only tasting table at Dominique Ansel Kitchen in NYC, called American Dreams, is modeled after the country’s history of iconic aspirations like striking it rich, having the perfect family and becoming famous.

The seven-course menu begins with a dish titled ’Eureka!’ inspired by the Gold Rush, featuring a nugget of sourdough bread pudding, and ends with ’A Wish’—which Ansel describes as a ’little something with chocolate.’ Along the way there are dishes like the ’White Picket Fence,’ served with a garden of passion fruit, persimmon, jicama and confit strawberry, as well as a take on a cheese course served with different ’filters’ called ’#GoingViral.’ To top everything off, legendary mixologist Jim Meehan created the wine and cocktail pairings — which include a flaming ’Dr Peppe’ and a twist on a French 75 made with sloe gin. Tickets go on sale this Friday (19 February).

This article originally appeared on Food & Wine