When skincare brands describe their products as ‘pure’ it always pays to treat the claims with a healthy skepticism. Not so with Australian label Khloris Botanical. Suzanne Walker’s limited-edition, seasonal skin tonics contain just one ingredient: distilled plant water, or hydrosol. The botanicals are sourced directly from small-batch distillers, allowing Walker to follow the chain of provenance from, as she says, ‘field to face’.

‘I only use ingredients that meet very high standards, so there’s no processing after distillation and nothing else is added,’ she says. ‘It is a truly pure, natural product.’

A new tonic is created about every three months, and each edition is available until it sells out (or its potency begins to diminish). At the moment, Damask Rose & Frankincense is available and will be joined in October by Pure Rose Water. The liquid is sourced from a single non-certified organic grower who processes the petals on site. ‘This is a rare rose water because it’s not a by-product of essential oil production, which means it’s not distilled multiple times to squeeze out every trace of oil,’ explains Walker. ‘It’s distilled once and sensitively to retain as many botanical compounds in the water as possible.’

A single spritz of the heavenly scented products adds moisture and radiance to the skin. During the day, it’s an instant pick-me-up; as part of a skin routine and layered before moisturiser it increases hydration. 

Almost as much thought has been lavished on the packaging. The tonic comes in a glass bottle, affixed with premium wine labels in a bid to avoid using any plastic. These are boxed in letter-press printed cardboard fashioned to eliminate the need for bubble wrap or extra packing materials.