Eastern and Western culinary rituals converge in Ommo, a new line of household accessories hailing from Hong Kong. Designed by Shane Schneck, the creative force behind many of Hay’s most memorable products, Ommo’s objects are simple in form yet cleverly reimagine their traditional functions. He says, ‘It was a chance to re-examine day-to-day typologies and work with materials that are often seen in cheaper market segments in a way that is rich, thoughtful and useful.’

In the case of ‘Hoop’, a silicone serving bowl, a central ring, which rises slightly above a larger bowl, ensures that less attractive castaways, such as olive stones and nutshells, can be hidden away with ease. This ring can also stand on its own as a separate serving vessel for smaller snacks. Similarly, the foldable ‘Flip’ silicone trivet unrolls into an eye-catching and practical tabletop addition with two magnets that fasten it securely.

As originally featured in the November 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*212)