Cream of the crop: new dairy-free brand Ripple brings pea milk to the table

Three bottles in a row of Californian brand Ripple, a new plant-based milk
Californian brand Ripple, a new plant-based milk, makes its dairy-free milk from yellow peas
(Image credit: TBC)

Now, we are sure that everyone has today’s big occasion marked in their diaries, but for those unaware of the importance of today, we would like to inform you that today is none other than World Milk Day. Cows, rejoice!

There would be no better day, therefore, to bring the news of a newly launched milk brand hoping to reinvent perceptions of the classic dairy staple. Premiering last month in California is Ripple, a new plant-based milk described as a ‘delicious, dairy-free milk that will transform lifestyles one glass at a time.’ The new brand is hoping to cater to the ever-growing dairy-free milk market, as consumers become increasingly conscious of the health benefits of dairy alternatives.

With the current milk market full to the brim with dairy-free alternatives – coconut, almond, oat, rice, hemp and soy milk among them – but Ripple is hoping to bring something new to the table by being the only one produced from peas. Production of the milk is done through blending yellow peas with water and sunflower oil, then sweetening with organic cane sugar and finally the addition of Vitamin D and other nutrients. The production of the milk is not to the detriment of the flavour, however, with the creators insisting that Ripple is an ‘all natural return to the creamy and smooth flavours that makes milk gratifying’.

Through the use of simple and transparent packaging, Ripple hopes to reflect the purity and organic nature of its ingredients. Using a charming logo to bind the branding of all four bottles, the firm also distinguishes each flavour through the use of their own unique patterns.

Claiming to have half the sugar of regular milk and 50 per cent more calcium, it’s clear that within the milk market Ripple is the cream of the crop.


For more information, visit Ripple's website