Wallpaper* is, and always has been, a magazine - a real-life, printed-paper magazine. And as such (thanks to our years of intimate typographical experience) we are only too aware of the myriad benefits a superior printing system can bring to the life of an up-and-coming creative company.

Thankfully, the well-versed folks at printing powerhouse HP have recently come up with a printer to end all our ink-to-paper woes, the HP Designjet T1200 Printer series. Featuring a veritable feast of high-spec features and a sleek, unobtrusive design to boot, HP’s latest Designjet is unmatched in terms of its professional printing capacity.
Lightning quick and with no sacrifice in terms of quality, the printer’s snappily titled ‘Economode’ setting can shoot out 2 A1 sheets per minute. And what with two online rolls and the enduring 300ml matt black cartridges, the printing process need not be interrupted in order to re-feed flyaway sheets or to change a dried-out ink cartridge - setbacks with which we are usually only too familiar.
Aside from its super-speedy pedigree, the Designjet T1200 would not get far without the intricate 6 ink printing system. A method that boasts an inordinate level of detail, the T1200 consistently hits a staggering 0.1% line accuracy, whilst its incredibly rich, dark blacks remain constant even when printing onto oversized surfaces.
To our mind however, the most exciting feature the T1200 has to offer is undoubtedly its 32 GB of inbuilt memory. Whilst the techno-jargon may not get most creative hearts a-pumping, to us it means no more waiting by the printer whilst an over-eager intern prints off 900 copies of their CV – a benefit unmatched in its rewards.
Thanks to the inbuilt memory the T1200 is able to intelligently monitor its print run - keeping things as smooth, consistent and uncluttered as they perhaps should always have been.