Grown Alchemist: organic skincare company launches hair range

Grown Alchemist: organic skincare company launches hair range

From organic skincare company Grown Alchemist comes a new professional hair care range that has been years in the making.

Describing itself as a company comprised of ‘natural technologies that have revolutionised the traditional approach to anti-ageing skincare, body and hair care’, the beauty brand is taking a brave step with this new hair care range – having previously only specialised in skincare products. Clearly conscious of perfecting its new collection before introducing it to the market, the company has invested over ten years of research and development into the new hair care products.

Grown Alchemist’s belief is that modern life is taking an increasing toll on hair and scalp health, stating that ‘modern living, stress and environmental pollutants are capable of weakening, inflaming, oxidising and ageing our hair and scalp’. This new hair care range aims to reverse these negative effects of contemporary life by addressing hair health at a cellular level, through the use of ‘protective actives’ that shield the hair shafts from the results of weathering.

Grown Alchemist’s design of the new products’ packaging appears to continue the theme of minimalism seen in the skincare products. Defined as ‘a new evolution of capable, targeted, healthy cosmetic formulations’, the hair care range comes in simple white containers adorned with contrasting black type that offers a detailed description of the contents.

Although new to this particular corner of the market, it’s clear that success for Grown Alchemist’s new range is but a hair’s breadth away.

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