Gramophone Speakers
(Image credit: press)

Whilst even we’d baulk at the price tag of a €60,000 pair of speakers, when it comes to Swedish company Aesthesis’s latest sound system addition, we’d probably be prepared to make an exception.

Produced in collaboration with Swedish teams Ergonomidesign, Eker Design and Carbocomp – the design brains behind Swedish supercar company Koenigsegg – the Gramophone speaker units are on the brink of sound barrier breaking innovation.

Standing at 1.2 meters and built in high gloss black steel and carbon fiber the Gramophone speakers sit somewhere between a high-design orchid and upturned 1940’s sound system.

Produced in a limited run of 100, each pair of speakers comes finished to the exacting standards of of the extensive design team. Aside from the intricately tuned shape and uber-sleek design, the speakers also feature a full range coaxial driver – a nifty piece of kit designed to produce pitch perfect sound with little or no distortion.


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