Coffee complex: Allpress Roastery & Cafe unveils new Dalston hub

Allpress Roastery & Cafe's new Dalston hub
The Allpress Roastery & Cafe's new Dalston hub is located in a renovated 1920s joiners' factory. It's an airy space, flooded with light by the floor-to-ceiling windows (and helped by the glass staircase)
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Established in New Zealand in 1986, the Allpress Roastery & Cafe is one of the ultimate authorities on third wave coffee (that is, the contemporary repositioning of coffee as an artisan product or a specialist foodstuff). It set up an outpost on east London's Redchurch Street in 2010, and is now moving up the road to Dalston, with a new cafe-cum-factory hub in a beautifully renovated 1920s joiners' factory split over two floors.

While the cafe itself is as minimalist and aesthetically light as one would expect from an Antipodean coffee chain, the centre-piece of the roastery itself is a custom-built bean-roaster, the MK III, designed by Michael Allpress and engineer Mike Scobie. The airy complex also features a visible 'cupping lab' where flavour and aroma is evaluated, a training area for coffee classes and an outdoor area. 

The founding principles of the coffee house will be preserved in its new home. The company scours the globe for only the finest Arabica beans from small, sustainable farms, estates and co-ops, fostering direct relationships with growers. This provides the cafe with ongoing knowledge about the coffee-making process, giving it the opportunity to taste the annual crops for flavour, body and aroma. Then, they control the roasting process on site, so that there's no delay in delivering those heady flavours to the palates of their customers.

Aromatic Arabica beans are carefully sourced from across the globe.

Aromatic Arabica beans are carefully sourced from across the globe, producing the finest coffee, full of body and flavour  

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Breakfast plates and canteen dishes .

Ham and cheese toasties feature on the cafe's food menu, that also includes breakfast plates and canteen dishes 

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Centrepiece of the cafe is the custom-built MK III roaster.

The centrepiece of the cafe is the custom-built MK III roaster, designed by Michael Allpress and engineer Mike Scobie

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Interior view of Cafe.

The airy interior befits the small chain's ethos: modern, simple and unpretentious

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Allpress Roastery & Café
55 Dalston Lane
London, E8 2NG