Box clever: a new mobile kitchen with hidden depths

Ceramic bowls
Pans, price on request, by Mauviel. Ceramic bowls, from €26; cutlery, from €24; glasses, from €31, by John Pawson, for When Objects Work. Wooden spoons and spatulas, from £4, by Cecilie Manz, for Rig-Tig. Plates, €18, by Jars, lidded jars, from €139, by Vincent van Duysen, for When Objects Work. flour, £1.70, by Doves Farm, from Whole Foods Market.
(Image credit: Jean-Noël Leblanc Bontemps)

Despite its constant presence at avant-garde Parisian design fairs, the 186-year-old French copper kitchenware brand Mauviel has always appeared rooted in the past. But Valérie Le Guern-Gilbert, a seventh generation of the Mauviel family, is now leading the brand into a new era, instigating collaborations with the likes of ECAL and, now, the dynamic young Parisian REV Architecture. Their first collaboration to see the light of day is the Transformer kitchen, launched this autumn and ‘designed to amplify the experience of Mauviel products though the extension of cooking culture and gestures’, according to REV co-founder Cristiano Benzoni. The mobile kitchen transforms from a copper box (‘like a Kubrick monolith’) to a galley fully kitted out with Mauviel kitchenware, with integrated preparation surfaces in oak and steel and a hob by Alpes Inox. All kitchens are made to order.

As originally featured in the December 2016 issue of Wallpaper* (W*213)

A fully kitted-out galley

The mobile kitchen transforms from a copper box to a fully kitted-out galley

(Image credit: Jean-Noël Leblanc Bontemps)


For more information, visit the Mauviel website or the Rev Architecture website