House plants steal the spotlight under BIG and Artemide’s new life-enhancing lamp

Gople lamps by BIG and Artemide helping bananas grow
Artemide and Bjarke Ingels Group have collaborated on the ‘Gople’ lamp, engineered to support the growth of plant life indoors
(Image credit: Artemide and Bjarke Ingels Group.)

As outdoor living spaces become fewer and further between in our urban environments, we've become increasingly interested in bringing plant life in. If, like us, you struggle to keep your leafy companions green and growing, you'll love the new offering from Italian lighting specialist Artemide and Bjarke Ingels Group.

Following on from their Salone del Mobile 2016 collaboration, the pair has teamed up again on Gople, a new lamp engineered towards helping houseplants thrive indoors. Typically, artificial lights are geared solely towards our psychophysical wellbeing, constructed from red, green and blue hues. Instead, the Gople lamp diffuses red, white and blue tones, as favoured by man and plant alike.

Gople lamp by BIG and Artemide

(Image credit: Artemide and Bjarke Ingels Group)

A meeting point of traditional Venetian glassblowing artistry and modern lighting technology, the transparent pill-shaped glass lamp, (available in white crystal, transparent silver and transparent bronze finishes), is filled with Artemide’s patented RWB lighting system. You can choose the colour setting, according to the different phase of your photosynthetic plant growth.

Alternatively, if you're not so green-fingered, and in it for the look rather than the life-sustaining capabilities, you can specify a plain white light source; a dynamic flair that compliments the ambience of your space, flower-filled or otherwise.


For more information, visit the Artemide website and the Bjarke Ingels Group website