Beauty simplified: Alex Carro’s new minimalist skincare collection

Beauty simplified: Alex Carro’s new minimalist skincare collection

Minimalism is having a moment. One brand championing the ’less is more’ ethos like no other is Barcelona-based skincare pioneer Alex Carro, whose mission is to strip beauty back to basics.

For the eponymous founder, creating the line was the result of more than a decade studying and experimenting with essential oils and plant extracts. By selecting plant oils based on their texture and absorption to achieve optimum results, the brand prides itself on using only premium natural ingredients to suit any skin type. There’s no chemicals or fillers in sight.

Favouring a ‘slow’, uncomplicated skincare philosophy that favours quality over quantity, Carro’s capsule collection comprises just five unisex products, all imbued with a sophisticated signature scent. The uniqueness in Carro’s formulas lies in their versatility, as products are designed to be multi-usable and can be hand mixed at point of use according to preference. This allows for a tailor-made cosmetic ritual, as five products double to become ten to meet everyday skincare needs.

The ’Balancing Face Oil’ (hydrating, smoothing, regenerating), enriched with, among others, rose and Moroccan argan is included in the capsule collection, as is a gel-based facial cleanser that blends jojoba oil, bitter orange and petitgrain to rebalance sebum production. There’s also an exfoliating powder made from bamboo and rosehip; a face cream that blends crocus bulb extract, hyaluronic acid and Japanese rice bran; and a velvety ’Multiuse Balm’, its formula enriched with neroli, shea and cocoa butters (to name but a few), designed to soothe and protect the skin.

All enclosed in glossy black jars that are embellished with a white typeface, the aesthetic does the contents justice. Alex Carro lives and and breathes minimalism. Masculinity. Femininity. It’s beauty simplified for all.

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