Wine & Design

Raise a glass to our pick of this year’s spirit-raising designers

Wooden Drinks trolley
(Image credit: Philippe Fragnière)

Rowena Edwards’ ‘Rownd’ drinks trolley uses traditional furniture-making techniques and ingenious construction. Crafted out of oak, with bright yellow steel components, it includes space for bottles and a tray to hold glasses, as well as a pocket for cocktail tools. Surfaces are finished with linoleum for easy cleaning.

Would most like to have worked with: Joe Colombo

Toasting the next generation of designers who have raised the bar on oenophile wonders this year.

Writer: Rosa Bertoli

Rum bottle

(Image credit: Philippe Fragnière)

Bram van Oostenbruggen’s innovative rum bottle, launched under the label Brum (Bram’s rum), features a wooden side panel that allows the rum to carry on ageing while inside the bottle, combining the best of both worlds: the bene ts of a bottle and the ageing qualities of a barrel.

Would most like to work with: Adam Savage (host of TV show MythBusters)

Wine glass with Suspense filter

(Image credit: Philippe Fragnière)

Mike Simonelli’s project proposes a new tasting experience. As wine passes through his ‘Suspense’ filter, there is ‘an opportunity for reflection’. The device extends the moment between the wine being poured and the moment it can be tasted, adding value and increasing desire.

Would most liked to have worked with: Achille Castiglioni

Tool for mix cocktail.

(Image credit: Philippe Fragnière)

Emilien Jaury’s ‘Witt’ collection of tools for mixing cocktails was inspired by glass-blowing techniques. The designer devised different containers to decant and mix cocktail ingredients, with special tools to pour, stir and combine elements, such as smoke and infused flavours, into the concoctions.

Would most like to work with: Martin Szekely

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