Hanna Wik

Beckmans College of Design, Sweden

The ‘Equally Strong’ project by Hanna Wik, who is currently working at Form Us With Love, is designed to avoid the gender stereotypes associated with fitness apparatus. Also pictured (top), is Wik’s collaboration with Robert Wettebrandt – a collection of lamps inspired by the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015.

Would most like to work with: ‘I would love to pursue my own goals and make a change that leaves traces.’

Photography: Carl Kleiner

Liese Dewulf

School of Arts at University College Ghent, Belgium

When tasked with creating a design based on connections between people and objects, Liese Dewulf developed an elegant capsule collection that focuses on storage and tidiness.

Would most like to work with: Muller Van Severen

Christopher Riggio

Royal College of Art, UK

A desire to ‘revive lost glamour and evoke a sense of nostalgia’ was at the centre of Christopher Riggio’s exploration in ceramics. Entitled ‘Paste’, his collection of vessels combines functionality with discreet decoration, inspired by 1920s Cartier.

Would most like to work with: Cartier

Mor Dagan

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel

‘Piggo’ is a collection of modular seating designed for children’s clinic waiting rooms. Mor Dagan imagined a new type of interaction between children and parents, creating an intimate, reassuring waiting area.

Would most like to work with: MSDS Studio

Jenny Åslund

Parsons School of Design, USA

Imagining a unisex beauty routine, Jenny Åslund devised her ‘Stål’ collection of accessories, such as this watch hanger and table mirror, with an industrial aesthetic in materials such as hammered brass and brushed and blackened steel.

Would most like to have worked with: Carlo Scarpa

Maija Leskelä & Taija Lammi

Aalto University, Finland

The minimal ‘Airy’ chair was created by Maija Leskelä and Taija Lammi as part of Welded & Woven, a collaborative project designed to celebrate both furniture and textile.

Would most like to work with: Cecilie Manz, House of Hackney, Svenskt Tenn, Marimekko

Takako Kozuka

Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan

Using wood turning and bending techniques, Takako Kozuka created ‘Scenery Of My Childhood’, a series of objects that feature geometric forms combined with more sinuous, organic elements.

Would most like to have worked with: Claude Debussy

Ruoxi Wang

Art Center College of Design, USA

Ruoxi Wang’s ‘Take Me Away’ series, featuring this lamp, as well as a table and chair, is designed to create a serene corner, triggering a conversation with one’s dreams and memories.

Would most like to work with: Michael Anastassiades


Camberwell College of Arts, UK

A collaborative by effort presented under the name YSD, this project was developed with an Italian marble quarry, using waste marble to create products such as this modular ‘Fraction of Time’ clock for Matter Of Stuff.

Would most like to work with: Marc Newson

Dita Pane

Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands

Dita Pane’s work, like this table and bench, celebrates the tradition of wood marquetry through contemporary patterns. Using plywood and CNC cutting, Pane devised a modern method for an ancient technique.

Would most like to work with: Ikea, Hay, Menu, &Tradition, Vitra

Sunyoung Park

Rhode Island School of Design, USA

These nesting tables feature asymmetric graphics, which intersect through the glass to striking effect. Says Sunyoung Park, ‘My work is a collaboration between the cycles of natural sunlight and my objects in space’.

Would most like to work with: Her RISD professor Chris Rose

Manon Ritaly

Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands

Manon Ritaly’s project, ‘Talkative Uniform’, gives new shape and freedom to the domestic landscape. Her furniture does not have a fixed use, leaving its function open to interpretation and the imagination.

Would most like to work with: Wes Anderson

Andrea Mestre

Royal College of Art, UK

A sustainable version of the office chair, Andrea Mestre’s ‘Gandia’ uses rattan as an alternative to engineered plastics and mechanisms. Rattan’s flexible qualities allow users to move and stretch, offering a more intimate dimension.

Would most like to work with: Viccarbe, Kettal

Tomi Laukkanen

Lahti Institute of Design, Finland

Tomi Laukkanen’s record player and speaker may be called ‘Moody’, but they are designed to ‘express feelings of joy’. The slightly nostalgic design features a warm wood base combined with green or orange shades.

Would most like to work with: the Bouroullecs, Bjarke Ingels

Christian Juhl Christensen

KADK, Denmark

Christian Juhl Christensen’s ‘Bloid’ chair is the result of research into ergonomics, geometry and materiality. The designer focused on 3D knitting production techniques, creating two knitted membranes on a metal frame.

Would most like to have worked with: Ray and Charles Eames

Naomi Stieger

Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland

Naomi Stieger teamed up with Dimitri Gerster, an engineering student from ETH Zurich, to develop an intuitive controller for camera drones. The device allows a single user to simultaneously control a drone and its camera.

Would most like to work with: Atelier Oï

Baku Sakashita

ECAL, Switzerland

For his ‘Sukima’ lamp collection, inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s sculptural works, Baku Sakashita replaced Noguchi’s bamboo with thin steel wire and see-through Japanese paper, creating geometric shadow effects.

Would most like to have worked with: Isamu Noguchi

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