Iason Stathatos

TU Delft

Currently based in Rotterdam, Iason Stathatos was born in Athens and studied in Paris and Delft. His current research focuses on the void in architecture. In 2014, he was awarded the Prix W by the Wilmotte Foundation, for the project ‘Flow’, which was then exhibited at the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture. His thesis project entitled ‘Void Capital – The City of Perpetual Modernity’ (pictured) proposes a template – an open source architectural blueprint – for urban densification.

Would most like to work with: Architects who share a human-oriented vision

Ivo Tedbury

The Bartlett, UK

Ivo Tedbury is interested in the potential of increased computational power and fabrication technologies to generate buildings, products and design tools. Currently studying for a Master of Research degree in Architectural Computation, his focus is ‘robot-priented’ building construction systems. His thesis project entitled Semblr is a construction platform that enables automated construction of housing for a post-work society.

Would most like to work with: Google, Foster + Partners, Arup


Jakub Aleksander Ryng

Cambridge University, UK

Jakub Aleksander Ryng, who has experience at RSH+P, Feilden Clegg Bradley, and Allies and Morrison, chose a thesis topic that allowed him to rediscover his country of birth, Poland, exploring the landscape of post-socialist Warsaw. Ryng is currently designing a villa on a Caribbean island for a private client.

Would most like to work with: Anyone pursuing a more classical way of building

Jesper Baltussen and Margit van Schaik

Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands

Both currently working for Atelier Bow Wow and living in Tokyo – a location which has been part of a journey together through Japan, New Zealand and Australia – Jesper Baltussen and Margit van Schaik chose to explore Dutch governmental architecture. Their research delved into both the physical condition of the governmental seat and recent developments in national politics.

Would most like to work with: Architects in Japan, England, Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands (Baltussen); Architecture theoretical research and a PhD in Architecture at the University of Cambridge (van Schaik)

Jonathan Amort and Nadine Terrier

EPFL, Switzerland

Choosing to orient their master’s studies towards the urban culture of North America, Jonathan Amort and Nadine Terrier are exploring infrastructure as artificial landscapes, looking in particular at the Alaskan Way Viaduct in Seattle. They also reference Twin Peaks for exploring enigmatic atmospheres in their work.

Would most like to work with: Unexpected clients

Son Bui

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark

Son Bui’s master’s thesis, entitled Kim Liên City, looked at defending a sense of locality in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi, in particular the reconstruction of its post-war subsidy-era collective housing network. Bui is currently working at Oslo-based practice Ghilardi + Hellsten.

Would most like to work with: London-based firm Elsewhere

Martín Emilio Alvarez and Erik Eugenio Martínez Parachini

University of Stuttgart, Germany

Martín Emilio Alvarez and Erik Eugenio Martínez Parachini’s thesis project ‘Tailored Structures – In Situ Robotic Sewing of Wooden Shells’ investigates the use of robotics and sensing mechanisms in combination with textile patterning and industrial sewing techniques to explore a new way of fabricating tailored wood envelopes. The pair installed the prototype at the central campus park.

Would most like to work with: SHoP Architects, Herzog & de Meuron or Foster + Partners

Julian Kerkhoff

Technical University of Munich, Germany

Munich-raised Julian Kerkhoff became interested in wine architecture and its renaissance in postmodernism while working part-time at a high-end bar. Kerkhoff’s thesis proposes a gravity-flow winery on a biodynamic vineyard on the eastern coast of New Zealand. It is co-funded by hospitality, featuring accommodation and events to create a synergy between viticulture and tourism.

Would most like to work with: Sustainable architecture for the future

Tom Atkinson

Central Saint Martins, UK

With an interest in British social housing, and experience working on bids for community projects at public works, Tom Atkinson opted for the Spatial Practices programme at CSM, where he explored London’s housing crisis, delivering a series of micro-developed council homes, visually suitable for any area.

Would most like to work with: Sydney Cook when he was head of Camden’s Architecture Department

Rory Sherlock

Graduating from the Architectural Association with Diploma Honours in 2017, Rory Sherlock’s fifth-year project examined the physical infrastructure and ownership of the Internet. His interest in architecture spun-out from an initial foray into studying philosophy and he is currently working independently on a series of small and collaborative projects while developing an exhibition proposal and lecture series.

Would most like to work with: Collaborative professionals in all industries

Eva Lanter

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

Eva Lanter’s thesis, entitled The Fallen Monuments of Egerkingen, examined the presence of roadside logistics warehouses in the Mittelland. Lanter proposed adding a base and a crown to each Egerkingen warehouse to give them a new architectural expression and meaning in their context.

Would most like to work with: A young Robert Venturi

Llywelyn James

Royal College of Art, UK

Llywelyn James studied architecture at the University of Hong Kong, then the RCA, focusing on digital design and high density architecture. His thesis looks at addressing London’s housing crisis in a ‘politically ambitious but architecturally holistic way’.

Would most like to work with: Someone passionate about improving the built environment through innovation

Hugh Yao

University of Hong Kong, China

Hugh Yao’s thesis explored the relationship between humans and nature in Hong Kong, where he sees land being continuously consumed through construction, and he examines how architecture could be a device to create the ‘next nature’, reimagining the city’s culture and environment.

Would most like to work with: People who inspire him and make him laugh

Kang Yan Karlotte

National University of Singapore

Kang Yan Karlotte’s thesis examines Bangkok’s infamous sex industry as a physical ‘path of arrival’ for rural-urban migrants. Her study of the heterotypic nature of the industry questions and clashes moral, idea of family, femininity and masculinity of society; creating a contradicting network of legal, political, social ethical and religious issues

Would most like to work with: Kerry Hill

Simon McKenzie

McGill University

Currently employed as an architect at Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill in San Francisco, although taking a short hiatus to conduct some architectural research in the Mediterranean, Simon McKenzie has experience at OMA and 3XN, among other practices. His thesis studies the moving body and how we experience architecture, with time and motion being critical elements.

Would most like to work with: ‘As long as I am learning and developing, I am happy.’

Daniel Hall

Cooper Union, USA

Daniel Hall’s thesis project proposes a replacement for a school in the ceramic town Mashiko, Japan damaged in the 2011 Tohoku earth quake. He examines the role creative land use such as agriculture and water infrastructure could play in the project. Currently working for BoneLevine Architects in New York City, Hall was inspired to study architecture due to the pressing environmental shifts and civic responsibility, amongst other reasons.

Would most like to work with: People interested in experimental play, testing

Helena Rong

Cornell University, USA

Helena Rong, who already has experience at OMA, SOM and Neri & Hu, explored the design of heterogeneous and customisable environments for her thesis, including the repurposing of vacant architecture for grassroots activity in São Paulo. She is currently doing a master’s at MIT.

Would most like to work with: MIT’s Center for Advanced Urbanism

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