Blurred lines: there are no boundaries for girls who are boys who like boys to be girls

Italian artist (and longtime Wallpaper* collaborator) Brigitte Niedermair’s latest exhibition ‘Eccehomo’, showcases photographic works of Europe’s oldest known natural human mummy Ötzi (or the ‘Ice Man’), in Castel Tirolo in Italy. In celebration of the show's opening, here we present Niedermair’s recent ‘Blurred lines’ shoot for our September ‘Style Special' issue (W* 234) styled by Wallpaper* Fashion content director Isabelle Kountoure. ‘Eccehomo’ is on view at Castel Tirolo until 9 December.

Dolce & Gabbana & Sacai

Left, tights, price on request, all by Dolce & Gabbana. Right, jacket, £2,018, by Sacai. As originally featured in the September 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*234)

(Image credit: Dolce & Gabbana, Sacai)

Saint Laurent & Richard Quinn

Left, dress (draped), £129,950; dress, £8,665, both by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Right, tights, £435 each

(Image credit: Richard Quinn)

Prada & Louis Vuitton

Left, jacket, £1,205; trousers, £545; coat, £1,810; shirt, £360; trousers, £545; shoes, £550 each, all by Prada. Right, leggings, £700; top, £600

(Image credit: Louis Vuitton)

Rick Owens & Givenchy

Left, dress, £1,704, by Rick Owens. Tights, £39, by Wolford. Right, coat, €2,890; coat (underneath), €1,609, both by Givenchy. Boots, £1,210, by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello. Bodysuit, £405, by Off-White

(Image credit: Givenchy, Saint Laurent)

Jil Sander & Gucci

Left, red tights, £470; grey tights, £620; cream longjohns, £620, all by Jil Sander. Right, coat, £4,450, by Gucci

(Image credit: Jil Sander, Gucci)

Calvin Klein & Marine Serre

Left, grey blazer, £1,324; blue jacket, £1,324; skirt, £662; shoes, £1,695, all by Calvin Klein 205W39NYC. Right, tights, £287 each, by Marine Serre

(Image credit: Calvin Klein, Marine Serre)

Y/Project & Balenciaga

Left, shorts, £350; jeans, £430, both by Y/Project. Right, top, £645; trousers, £845; shoes, price on request; dress, £2,365, all by Balenciaga. Boots, £1,210, by Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello

(Image credit: Balenciaga, Saint Laurent)