Cold snap: chill out in Woolrich’s Extreme Weather Experience Room

Woolrich Designaward
Parka, £650; blazer, £250; roll-neck, £300; trousers, £130; helmet, £110; goggles, £185; boots, £240, all by Woolrich. Fashion: Jason Hughes
(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

We’ve awarded Woolrich the Best Big Chill award in this year’s Wallpaper* Design Awards (W*227). The American outerwear brand’s new 700 sq m flagship store on Milan’s Corso Venezia features an immersive Extreme Weather Experience Room, where customers can try out parkas in temperatures as glacial as minus 20°C.

‘We wanted to create a sensory experience that helps convey the Woolrich story,’ says the label’s creative director Andrea Canè. In 1972, the brand invented the Arctic Parka to protect Alaskan pipeline workers from sub-zero weather. The 14 sq m ‘freezer’, designed with Japanese studio Wonderwall, features walls made from temperature-maintaining four-fold glass. Each night, an internal cooling cycle produces a fresh layer of artificial snow. This frosty feature is enhanced with 360-degree film footage of chilly climes, such as Alaska’s Colony Glacier and Flattop Mountain. Nice ice, baby.

A version of this article originally featured in the February 2018 issue of Wallpaper* (W*227)

Woolrich Milan Flagship Store

American outerwear brand Woolrich has opened a new 700 sq m flagship store on Milan's Corso Venezia

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

Woolrich Milan Flagship Store

The 'Lounge Area' boasts a museum display narrating Woolrich’s history 

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)

Woolrich Milan Flagship Store by Japanese studio Wonderwall

The space was designed by Japanese studio Wonderwall, under the guidance of Masamichi Katayama

(Image credit: Alessandro Furchino Capria)


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3 Corso Venezia
20121 Milan