Fashion trends 2021: style must-haves selected by the Wallpaper* editors, from Prada pet bags to chunky chain necklaces by Louis Vuitton...

Sandals, by Bottega Veneta

Fashion trends 2021 Lagoon bubble sandal

Selected by Sophie Gladstone, Assistant Photo Editor

‘After dressing mostly from the waist up over this past year, my feet are desperate to feel something again, ideally the uplift of a great heel. The nappa leather of these Lagoon Bubble sandals by Bottega Veneta is exactly what I’m looking for, butter-soft yet toughened by lacquered studs. With the bubble insole, these are the ideal heel for (comfortably) standing out in style. I’ve also promised myself I’ll no longer fear looking overdressed, so I’ll be running around in these whatever the occasion, feeling the pure joy of being a touch taller.’ – SG

Pet bag, by Prada

Fashion trends 2021 Pet Bag by Prada

Selected by TF Chan, Editor

‘‪My top resolution for the New Year is to adopt a dog, and so I’ve set my sights on this Prada pet bag, made from two materials that are synonymous with the brand – Re-Nylon, which is upcycled from plastic waste and can be recycled over and over again; and luxurious Saffiano leather. Features include generously proportioned zipper pockets, a removable bottom, a strap for a collar and food bowl, the requisite breathable mesh panels, and even a petite holder for pet waste bags. Functional and fetching, this is a perfect carrier for any future (or current) four-legged friend.‬’ – TC

Chain necklace, by Louis Vuitton

Fashion trends 2021 Chain Necklace by Louis Vuitton

Selected by Hannah Silver, Watches & Jewellery Editor

‘After a subdued year, I’ve learnt two things: one, if you save anything for best you’ll never wear it and two, I’m a creature of habit. As lockdowns relaxed, I wanted to be in chains again. There is something enduringly appealing about a classic chain link, with their play on simple geometry and punk references making them completely irresistible. Luckily, chains were all over the catwalk this season, but it is this one from Louis Vuitton which has gone straight to the top of my wish list. Timeless it may be, but the boldly oversized proportions of its links and juxtaposition of diamonds against clean metal bring it bang up to date. When we can go to a formal occasion again, its sparkling edges will bring a cool edge to black tie attire, but for now I’ll be teaming with a sweatshirt and trainers. At least lockdown taught my some styling tricks.’ – HS

Shirt, by Arthur Arbesser

Fashion trends 2021 Shirt by Arthur Arbesser

Selected by Marco Sammicheli, Milan Editor

‘I like this shirt from Milan-based designer Arthur Arbesser, because the bold white and blue print reminds me of endless summers on a Greek island, my favorite holiday destination. The piece really makes me dream of travelling again, with its blue and white pattern recalling the calming influence of marine nature.’ – MS

Bag, by Paco Rabanne

Fashion trends 2021 Bag by Paco Rabanne

Selected by Laura Hawkins, Fashion Features Editor

‘As 2020’s social calendar dried up, so did my chance to sport my collection of ostentatious evening bags. For 2021, I’ll be coming back with an embellished bang, so it’s natural that my magpie’s eye has been drawn to this mixed metal chainmail evening bag by Paco Rabanne. Its circular shape is sizeable enough to store all my post-pandemic party essentials, including hand sanitiser and face mask, and its chainmail construction nods to the design heritage of the French house. The maison is the doyen of the dance-all-night disco sensibility, which is where I hope to be spending most of my time by the end of the year.’ – LH

Room spray, by Byredo 

Fashion trends 2021 Room Spray by Byredo

Selected by Jason Hughes, Fashion Director

‘After spending most of 2020 indoors and longing for weekend gateways to the countryside, Byredo’s Tree House room spray is the perfect escape remedy for bringing the outdoors in. With its woody notes of cedar and breezy notes of freshly cut hay, the fragrance conjures up the aroma of summer walks in county lanes and afternoons spent lounging in fields.’ – JH

H95 headphones, by B&O

Fashion trends 2021 Headphones by B&095

Selected by Jonathan Bell, Transport and Technology Editor

‘As part of this year’s 95th anniversary celebrations, Bang & Olufsen is offering new and enhanced iterations of many of its best and brightest products. The Beoplay H95 are wireless headphones that tick every box of an especially demanding clientele – design-loving audiophiles. Not only are these elegant over-ear headphones fully foldable – with a neat aluminium hard case – but they also incorporate Active Noise Cancellation, allowing you to fully cocoon yourself from the outside world, or let it in and take a call if you simply can’t escape. In anniversary spec, the soft lambskin and memory foam of the ear pads are paired with gold-tinted aluminium hardware that hits just the right note between muted celebration and lush ostentation. As always with B&O, attention to detail is paramount – the woven fabric cords and cables with their aluminium tipped detailing and subtle branding show why this venerable brand is still our number one.’ – JB

Cap, by Celine

Fashion trends 2021 Cap by Celine

Selected by Mary Cleary, Beauty & Grooming Editor

‘2020 cemented the baseball cap’s place as one of the most fashionable and functional items in my wardrobe. It added an extra edge of casual cool to lockdown’s relaxed aesthetic and proved particularly handy at covering up experiments with at-home hair cuts and dyeing that might not have gone exactly as planned. Hopefully, 2021 will see us all being outside a bit more and using the humble cap for its original sun-protection purpose. For those looking to up their baseball cap game, there’s no better way to swing into the new year than with Celine’s S/S 2021 versions. A key accessory in Slimane’s stadium show, the caps were paired with equally insouciant sports bras and high-waisted jeans. My favorites are the denim version emblazoned with ‘Celine’ or the classic navy with a terrycloth ‘C’, both of which look equally alluring on the field green or city street.’ – MC

Boots, by Peter Do

Fashion trends 2021 Boots by Peter Do

Selected by Pei-Ru Keh, New York Editor

‘I have spent an abnormal amount of time thinking about these dark brown calfskin boots from the New York designer Peter Do. Do, an alumnus of Phoebe Philo-era Celine, co-founded the label with four friends over two years ago and has quickly become known for his strong, androgynous silhouettes. Do’s Spring 2021 collection is all about adaptable dressing, with clever, convertible elements that allow clients to customize the way they wear each garment according to how they see fit. The label’s footwear, which launched last season, expertly adapts masculine motifs for women to wear. Square-toed and adorned with metal accents, these lug-soled beauties exude a cool, hard edge, while still being practical enough for daily walks.’ – PRK

LED face mask, by CellReturn mask

Fashion trends 2021 Cell Return LED mask

Selected by Yoko Choy, China Editor

‘Months into our Covid-run lives I think we all have slowly, if not surely, established our own ways to face the challenges at work and home and to maintain our physical and mental health; but even so, uncertainty can still trigger anxiety that stresses our skin. While searching for the best way to soothe ‘pandemic skin condition’ and to level up my at-home skincare regime when a beauty salon visit is not possible, I spotted Cellreturn’s LED Mask Platinum in a K-drama on Netflix.

The NASA-derived technology light-therapy mask equips 1026 LEDs with three wavelengths – red, blue and near infrared rays – which are designed to help absorb serums and regenerate skins cells, leading to improvements in skin elasticity, whitening and the production of collagen while minimising discolouration, wrinkles, inflammation and blemishes. It sounds too good to be true but given that it is coming from South Korea, where beauty products and technologies reign supreme, a 20-minute treatment a day could be a good investment (the hefty price tag of USD 2,100 might be something worth considering though). Its foolproof application means you just strap it on and use the touch sensor to select the treatment you want. Lay down, let the aurora work its magic and enjoy a meditative moment for both body and soul.’ – YC

Bobby bag, by Dior

Fashion trends 2021 Bobby Bag by Dior

Selected by Melina Keays, Entertainment Director

‘The Dior Bobby bag, named as a tribute to Christian Dior’s beloved dog, has just been introduced by current creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri, and ticks all my boxes as an object of desire. Glossy leather, intricate embroidery and gold hardware in perfectly crafted form: We are deep in luxury territory here, yet this bag is beautifully practical – and what is luxury if you cannot use it everyday? The Large Bobby bag is elegantly proportioned, (as a bag should be), yet spacious enough to really move into, and use daily.

The removable strap may be used over the shoulder, or cross-body (hands-free), and features the ever-chic Dior oblique jacquard – a poem to timeless textile design that embraces the maison’s decades of rich heritage. The Paris atelier address, ’30 Montaigne’ is embossed above the essential back pocket, (perfect for phone and face-mask) – a stamp of bold modernity that brings us firmly into 2021. – MK

Shoes, by Petrucha

Fashion trends 2021 shoes by Petrucha

Selected by Dal Chodha, contributing menswear writer

‘I have become more steadfast in my outlook on fashion since the pandemic. I want fashion that transports me! I enjoy writing about clothes that distract me from the doom. For my own personal wardrobe however I look for reductivist clothes that say very little to the outside world. The joy I take from a jumper or patched up pair of coveralls is mine alone – I have a bit more fun with what I put on my feet.

I was excited in the autumn to discover the Alicante-based label Petrucha. Founded in 2014 by Anaid Cano and Josep Vila (a lawyer and a computer engineer respectively) the duo were determined to create a handmade shoe that is: ‘both genderless and functionally minimal without the limitations of seasonal collections, and firmly opposing dominant trends.’ Soft open back slippers, hand-distressed lace up leather boots, nylon ballerinas – the resulting selection they make-to-order is not rooted in one particular "look". In the truest sense of the cliché, there is something for everyone. With their circular business they have redesigned the worn-out methods of production and distribution that are the preoccupation of so much fashion writing today. I love them because they make elegant shoes, ethically.’ – DC

Glasses, by Gucci

Fashion trends 2021 glasses by Gucci

Selected by Holly Hay, photography director

‘I wear glasses everyday out of need not choice. As my work set up almost exclusively relies on the crop of Zoom, how I dress my top half has to be a consideration after years of a "shoe first" approach. I usually opt for silver over gold but have I’ve realised the latter metal can be softer and often more flattering. Apparently you should chose a glasses shape to mimic the line of your eyebrows. Round works best for me. These Gucci frames, modern and delicate are top of my list. New year, new specs, new me.’ §