Two Sides Sessions: Masako Ban

Two Sides Sessions: Masako Ban

What would you say is the most important influence on your work (whether within, or outside of your field)?
I’m attracted to industrial materials, which I like to develop into wearable accessories. I’m also inspired by my surroundings: architecture, design and art all stimulate my creativity.

How does this influence manifest itself in your work?
Acrylic, sponge, rubber and aluminum are favourite jewellery materials of mine. I also use mosquito net, core materials and cushion fabric for bags and accessories. When I design I don’t consider the individual components but the overall picture instead. I like to think of the human body as a space in its own right and I consider it in its greater surroundings.

What key trends do you see emerging in your field of work right now?
In the accessory world, I think the key trend words are "cute" "fancy" and "embodiment" and their popularity seems to be lasting. Personally, I’m not conscious of trends but instead work towards an ideal of “minimalism + something extra"

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