While world leaders gather to discuss the earth’s future at the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December, eco-warriors the globe over can affect their own change on a more immediate level. Dynamic outdoor brand Timberland has blazed a trail for environmentally thoughtful product design with its innovative Earthkeepers shoe collection.
Utilising materials such as recycled PET from used bottles, organic cotton and leather from silver-rated tanneries (so recognised for their efforts in water, waste and energy management by the Leather Working Group), Earthkeepers is a responsible initiative in more ways than one. Timberland is the first shoe company to incorporate Green Rubber, a reusable compound made from discarded car tyres. With each Earthkeeper sole containing an impressive 42 per cent of recycled rubber, the scheme will not only alleviate the strain on the planet’s natural rubber resources, but also reduce the number of used tyres that pile up in landfills.
Of course, offsetting one’s carbon footprint shouldn’t come at a compromise and the eco-conscious collection is made up of classic, rugged styles that still tick all Timberland’s technical requirements. The company’s own evolution is set to take a big step forward next year with a design collaboration. Watch this space.
stylist: Jennie Webster