Raf Simons joins Prada as co-creative director

The Belgian designer will join Miuccia Prada as co-creative director of the Italian label

Raf Simons joins Prada
Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons
(Image credit: prada)

In a milestone move in fashion history, it was announced at a press conference this morning in Milan that Belgian designer Raf Simons would be joining Prada as its co-creative director. It’s a rumour that has been circulating within fashion media circles for months. Simons, who recently held positions at the creative helm of Jil Sander, Dior and Calvin Klein will take alongside Miuccia Prada — equal responsibility across creative input and decision making. The duo’s first collection will be debuted in September for Prada’s S/S 2021 womenswear collection.

Prada and Simons have long held a mutual respect for each other, musing in conversation in issue 8 of System on the incredible possibility of working together and at each other’s brands (Simons’ eponymous menswear line has a loyal, avant-garde following, celebrating subculture, music and film). Both are known for their modern, intelligent and subversive takes on femininity and the announcement ushers in an exciting and imaginative era for the 107-year old brand, which saw Mrs Prada take the creative helm in 1978. ‘As times change, so should creativity,’ Simons and Prada stated in today’s press release. ‘It is a reaction to the era in which we live in, an epoch with fresh possibilities permitting a different point of view and approach to established methodologies.’

‘If the notion of a partnership is to work jointly, the result of that conversation may not only be product, but also the propagation of thought and culture,’ the statement continued. The fashion world will wait for Simons’ and Prada’s new vision in September with drawn breath.