In what must be one of the year's most exciting virtual fashion moments, Not Just A Label has today launched a new website, complete with enhanced features such as an improved retail platform, a whole host of exclusive designer collaborations with the likes of London-based Fannie Schiavoni, Katie Eary and The Rodnik Band, and an easily digestible new designer directory to look forward to.
The online resource tool, which has worked steadily to launch the careers of many an unknown fashion talent in the mere three years it has been in operation, essentially allows up-and-coming designers to showcase their work through its dedicated portal and online shop.
Since its initial idea - which interestingly grew from the sanctum of founder Stefan Siegel's Shoreditch kitchen walls into a working database of over 6,000 designers spread across 88 countries - the dedicated designer platform has certainly done what it says on the tin. A global showroom where trend scouts, fashion insiders and stylists are able to source talent, it isn't just an online shop, it's a veritable fashion spring-board, saturated with the ideas of tomorrow's designers, and eagerly digested in the process too.
The new site makes sense not only for shoppers who want a unique exit from the usual fashion wardrobe template, but also for these avant-garde designers who can now make use of the site's new retail function to promote their wares, and finance their progress independently. Other progressive moves include real-time portals for finding the newest collections, and navigation improvements, for complete inspiration immersion.