Fashion week, these days, is about much more than just the collections. Showmanship is the name of game, and in the meticulously executed sartorial extravaganzas, the soundtrack is an element that no producer can afford to overlook. Music royalty - past and present - is enlisted to ensure a full assault on the senses. Here, we bring you the soundtrack to the shows.

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Ermenegildo Zegna


’Yumeji’s Theme’ by Shigeru Umebayashi; ’Waiting 4 You’ by Bai-Kwong; ’Zen And The Art Of Deadlines’ by Boxsaga; ’China’ by Jah Wobble; ’The Keyhole And The China Man’ by Richard Robbins; ’Paper’ by Raudive; ’Terre’s Neu Fusion a Crippled Left Wing Soars With The Right’ (Steal This Record Remix by DJ Sprinkles) by Terre Thaemlitz


Music production: Frédéric Sanchez



Jil Sander


’Hand Covers Bruise’ by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; ’In Motion’ by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross; ’Lying’ by Factory Floor



Music production: Michel Gaubert



Burberry Prorsum


’You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me’ by Dusty Springfield; ’Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)’ by Cliff Richard; ’Exogenesis: Symphony, Part 3 (Redemption)’ by Muse; ’You and Me’ by Roger Daltrey



Music selected by: Christopher Bailey



SUNDAY 16/01



Bottega Veneta


’The Bookhouse Boys’ by Angelo Badalamenti; ’Water’ by Chilly Gonzales; ’Ghost Of Love’ by David Lynch; ’Red Bats With Teeth’ by Angelo Badalamenti



Emporio Armani


’Total 9’ by Thomas/Mayer; ’Sum’ by Coma; ’Country Boy’ by Superpitcher; ’Blue Moon’ by The Backwoods ’Über Wiesen’ by Thomas/Mayer



Salvatore Ferragamo


‘Ghost Song’ by The Doors; ‘Riders On The Storm’ by The Doors; ‘Coney Island Baby’ by Lou Reed



Music production: Frédéric Sanchez



Vivienne Westwood


’Aquarium’ by William Orbit; ’Cocaine Cool’ by Laid Back; ’Time (We Plants Are Happy Plants remix)’ by Hans Zimmer; ’La Giudecca’ by Rondo Veneziano; ’Baby (Clock Opera remix)’ by The Phenomenal Handclap Band; ’El Bandido’ by Nicolas Jaar; ’Dulceria (Akiko Kiyama remix)’ by Aufgang; ’Ciampino Airforce (Irish Steph remix)’ by Produkkt; ’Gay Pirates’ by Cosmo Jarvis



Show music: Jerry Bouthier; Production: Andrea Gorgerino





’No Worlds / No Thoughts’ by Swans; ’Plastic People’ by Four Tet; ’Lost In The Streets Of NYC’ by Tom Trago; ’Menace’ by Distance; ’Tha’ by Aphex Twin; The Beach’ by Gui Boratto and Martin Eyerer; ’Youlogy’ by Volcano Choir; ’Ninteen 86’ by Martin Rev; ’Mari’ by Martin Rev; ’Bowls’ by Caribou; ’Kick Out The Jams’ by MC5; ’Chromaphobia’ by Gui Boratto; ’Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go! (Andrew Weatherall Mix)’ by Trentemøller; ’Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!’ by Trentemøller



Sound Designer: Jack Peñate





’Grinder’ by Judas Priest; ’Living After Midnight’ by Judas Priest; ’Ace of Spades’ by Motörhead; ’Overkill (Long Version)’ by Motörhead; ’Last Caress / Green Hell’ by Metallica



Music production: Frédéric Sanchez



Moncler Gamme Bleu


’Le Rendez-Vous De Chasse - "Grande Fanfare Par Rossini"’ Performed by the Budapest Festival Orchestra, conducted by Iván Fischer; ’Le Manège De Saumur’ by Trompes De Chasse De L’école De Cavalerie; ’The King’s Tulips’ by David Motion & Sally Potter; ’Sabre Dance’ by Aram Khachaturian, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra; ’Tom And Jerry In The Hollywood Bowl’ by George Daugherty, performed by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra; ’Le Manège De Saumur’ by Trompes De Chasse De L’école De Cavalerie; ’William Tell Overture’ by Rossini, performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra



Music production: Michel Gaubert



MONDAY 17/01





’Still you (cover of "Ancora Tu" - Lucio Battisti)’ by Peter & Gordon; ’Witches Crew’ by Blakula; ’I know I’m losing you (Gucci edit)’ by Rod Stewart; ’Fur’ by Marc Almond



Music production: Michel Gaubert





’Elektro Kardiogramm’ by Kraftwerk; ’I Wanted To Tell Her’ by Ministry; ’Passion’ by The Flirts; ’The Sound Of O’ by The Galaxy Sound Orchestra; ’The Robot’ by Kraftwerk; ’Space’ by Magic Fly



Music production: DJ Frédéric Sanchez



Pringle of Scotland


’Primary’ by The Cure; ’In Your House’ by The Cure



Music production: DJ John Gosling



Alexander McQueen


’Holland Tunnel Dive’ by Implog; ’G.S.E.’ by Mekon; ’IY’ by 23 Skidoo; ’Secret Drum Corps’ by Edinburgh Military Tattoo; ’20 Hz’ by Capricorn



Music production: DJ John Gosling








’Come As You Are’ by Vega; ’Come As You Are’ by Vitamin String Quartet; ’Come As You Are’ by Nirvana; ’Kashmir’ by David Garrett; ’Come With Me’ by Puff Daddy Feat. Jimmy Page; ’Asturias’ by David Garrett; ’Cold Hard Bitch’ by Jet; ’Violin’ by Kate Bush; ’Toccata’ by David Garrett ’Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by David Garrett; ’Smells Like Teen Spirit’ by Nirvana



Neil Barrett


’Tout Van Bien’ by Sid LeRock; ’Underwater’ by Mock & Toof; ’Paris’ by Friendly Fires; ’Black City’ by Matthew Dear; ’History’ by Groove Armada



Giorgio Armani


’Circles’ by Apparat; ’Dark Line’ by Terence Fixmer; ’Eleanor Speaks’ by Oh No Ono; ’Elitsa’ by Tosca; ’Interval’ by Phon.o; ’Sub’ by Patrice Bäumel; ’Last Heroes’ by Terence Fixmer; ’Hammock’ by Howls



Z Zegna


’The Whitest Boy Alive’ by Island; ’Two Wounded Birds’ by My Lonesome; ’It’s A Fineline’ by Grease



Music production: Frédéric Sanchez