Fashion week, these days, is about much more than just the collections. Showmanship is the name of game, and in the meticulously executed sartorial extravaganzas, the soundtrack is an element that no producer can afford to overlook. Music royalty - past and present - is enlisted to ensure a full assault on the senses. Here, we bring you the soundtrack to the shows.

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’When I Was A Young Girl (Live Version)’ by Feist; ’Desire’ by Anna Calvi; ’Lovesick (Four Tet Remix)’ by Lindstrom; ’Hurricane Drunk (The Horrors Remix)’ by Florence And The Machine; ’Blackout’ by Anna Calvi



Music production: Michel Gaubert






Max Mara


’Pieces Form The Whole’ by Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross; ’Paparazzi’ by Brandt Brauer Frick; ’The Great Canadian Weekend’ by Caribou



Music production: Frederic Sanchez





’Limit To Your Love’ by James Blake; ’Morning Mr. Magpie’ by Radiohead



Music production: Michel Gaubert





’I Must Not Be Hasty’ by Sparks; ’Garbo Sings’ by Sparks



Music Production: Frederic Sanchez






Gianfranco Ferré


’Lotus Flower’ by Radiohead; ’The Eraser (XXX Change Mix)’ by Thom Yorke; ’Ancora Tu’ by Lucio Battisti; ’Scusa Ma Ti Chiamo Amore’ by Sugar Free



Music production: Michel Gaubert






Bottega Veneta


’Dernier Domicile Connu’ by Francois de Roubaix; ’Requiem Pour Un Con (Bonus Beats)’ by Serge Gainsbourg; ’Un Homme Et Une Femme’ by Francis Lai; ’La Horse’ by Serge Gainsbourg



Music production: Michel Gaubert



Emporio Armani


’Walking In The Sand’ by The Files; ’Reality & Fantasy (Gilles Peterson Remix)’ by Raphael Guallazi; ’Elitsa (Kotey Extra Band Disco Version)’ by Tosca; ’YMA (Afterlife Remix)’ by Boozoo Bajou; ’Bird 1’ by Underworld; ’Party Time (The Lounge)’ by Dario Caminita Presents Da.Ma.Project; ’Milena & Mav Siamese’ by 2 Square feat. Laure; ’La Notte’ by Moda’





’The Dark Side Of The Frog’ by Modeselektor; ’The Dark Side Of The Sun (feat. Peppetmastaz)’; ’The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)’ by Modeselektor; ’Ready She Ready (Seiji Remix)’ by Tubby T



Music production: Frederic Sanchez



Jil Sander


’Bucket Of Blood’ by Pino Donaggio; ’Death Suite’ by Errol Alkan; ’Fahrenheit 451 Bedroom’ by Bernard Herrmann; ’Psycho The Cellar’ by Bernard Herrmann; ’20 hz’ by Capricorn



Music production: Michel Gaubert








’Furu’ by Bjorne Torske



Music production: Peter Smith & Andrew Hale





’Up Side Down’ by Diana Ross; ’Singular’ by Discodeine feat. Matias Aguayo; ’I Say A Little Prayer For You’ by Aretha Franklin


Music production: DJ Matteo Burlon





’Sweet Jane’ by Cowboy Junkies; ’The Trembler (Edit)’ by Duane Eddy; ’You’re So Cool’ by Hans Zimmer; ’I Know’ by David Lynch



Music production: Frederic Sanchez



Salvatore Ferragamo


’The Shower’ by Pino Donaggio; ’Let’s Stay Together’ by Tina Turner; ’Lovelock Edit’ by Pinot Grigio; ’Rendez-vous; Tunnel Claustrophobia’ by Pino Donaggio; ’Blue’ by Latour



Music production: Frederic Sanchez








’Thunderstruck’ by David Garrett; ’A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Edit)’ by Walter Murphy; ’Thunderstruck (Tittsworth Remix)’ by ACDC; ’Thunderstruck’ by David Garrett; ’Thunderstruck (Tittsworth Remix)’ by ACDC; ’Station’ by Russian Circles; ’Rock Prelude’ by David Garrett; ’A Fifth of Beethoven (Soulwax Edit)’ by Walter Murphy; ’The 5th Rock Symphonies’ by David Garrett; ’Rebel Rebel (Soulwax Club Mix)’ by David Bowie



Music production: Dean & Dan Caten, Adriano Alboni



Giorgio Armani


’Song Of The Sleeping Forest’ by Susumu Yokota; ’Bones’ by A Mountain Of One; ’Don’t Cross’ by We Love; ’Waves (Gonzales Rework)’ by Boys Noize & Erol Alkan; ’America Coffee’ by Original; ’Desert Journey’ by Wayfaring Stranger feat. Hanna Kokaly