Taking the well-worn pop-up shop stencil and giving it a twist - avant garde clothing designer Kinder Aggugini this weekend opened a one-off Flash Boutique in London’s Mayfair, coinciding with Fashion Week.

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Taking residence in an atmospheric basement in Mount Street, the boutique is has the air of a Dickensian-style curiosity shop.
After working for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano, London-based designer Aggugini launched his debut collection at nearby Dover Street Market, after being plucked from the crowd by Rei Kawakubo herself.
Since then, Aggugini’s immaculately tailored collections - which combine the ragged punk spirit of 70’s London and the sartorial perfection of the same city’s tailoring heritage - have gone on to garner international acclaim.
The boutique itself features an edited selection of signature pieces from past seasons; one-off garments from the current collections; photographs; paintings and a range of vintage Chanel jewelry from a generous private collector.
Set to stay open up until October 31st , Aggugini’s one-off store is a fitting dose of left-of-centre creativity that London Fashion Week is famed for.