Hermès’ new home collection explores the language of materials

Explore Hermès’ home collection 2021 as seen in an immersive installation at La Pelota in Milan

Home presentation at La Pelota
Hervé Sauvage’s set for Hermès’ home presentation at La Pelota, featuring imposing structures featuring geometric motifs that nod to the pieces on display within
(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Hermès unveils its new home collections during Salone del Mobile 2021 in Milan; the immersive installation in the exhibition space of La Pelota invites guests to discover furniture, objects and textiles through a multisensory experience.

The set design by Hervé Sauvage takes over the exhibition space, defined by five monumental lime plaster huts resting on a bed of copper-coloured sand and painted with geometric motifs referencing the collection’s palette of colours and shapes. Inside each structure are curved partitions, display elements referencing North African vernacular architecture and solemn altar-like plinths that show the new pieces through an interplay between lights and shadows. 

Hermes home collections at salone del mobile in Milan shown inside lime plaster structures with striped surfaces

Studio Mumbai’s ‘Sillage D’Hermès’ armchair visible inside one of the set's structures

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Among the collection’s highlights is Studio Mumbai’s ‘Sillage D’Hermès’ armchair, an organically shaped throne inspired by faraway travels, featuring a wooden structure dressed with a composite material inspired by papier mâché techniques and handcrafted in Puglia. The chair’s hand-painted stripes form a visual connection to Sauvage’s murals and the motif is recreated on the stone surface of the ‘Lignage D’Hermès’ table by Studio Mumbai, made with blue limestone of Hainaut and featuring an impossibly precise repetition of narrow lines.

The chromatic richness of the installation is echoed in the hand-embroidered cotton cord rugs created by Hermès Studio with long-term collaborator, artist Gianpaolo Pagni, whose graphic compositions also form part of a collaboration with American artist Carson Converse. Resulting in the candid ‘New Haven’, ‘Fall River’ and ‘Williamstown’ cashmere quilted bed covers, the collaboration combines Pagni’s childhood inspirations with the sublime quilting championed by Converse, and the pieces’ names nod to American cities where the technique has become an art form. 

Wooden table on white altar like platform at hermés home presentation

‘Hippodrome d'Hermès’ coffee table by RDAI

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

At the more discreet end of the collection are wooden pieces by Jasper Morrison, furniture that exudes a minimalist design gesture that celebrates the richness of craftsmanship and natural materials, including oak and fawn H bullcalf leather.

The experiential installation is accompanied by a specially developed aural composition by Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Antonio Fernandez Ros and Rogelio Sosa that encourages visitors to discover the collection’s dialogues: between materials, techniques, and harmoniously combined visual universes.


Studio Mumbai’s ‘Sillage D’Hermès’ armchair

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)


‘Lignage D’Hermès’ table by Studio Mumbai

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Chromatic baskets

‘Chromatic’ baskets by Hermès Studio

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Chromatic basket

‘Chromatic’ baskets by Hermès Studio

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)


‘Equilibre d’Hermès’ chair by Jasper Morrison

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Chair and Table

‘Equilibre d’Hermès’ chair and table by Jasper Morrison

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Tea and coffee service

‘Hippomobile’ tea and coffee service by Gianpaolo Pagni

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Detail of the set

Detail of the set, referencing some of the collection’s visual motifs

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Rug by Hermès

‘Cordelie’ rug by Hermès Studio and Gianpaolo Pagni

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Centrepieces by Hermes

‘Sialk’ centrepieces by Hermés Studio

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Armchair visible through set

Studio Mumbai’s ‘Sillage D’Hérmes’ armchair visible through the set

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)

Wooden chair

Equilibre d’Hermes chair by Jasper Morrison and ‘H Drapeau’ hand-woven plaid by Hermés Studio

(Image credit: Maxime Verret)



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