No one could have predicted the success that Filson’s outdoor-oriented wares would have amongst urban dwellers in the 21st century. Founded in Seattle in 1897, the company targeted prospectors venturing towards Yukon, Canada’s wild west, with its quality-driven, hard-wearing goods, which ranged from jackets, vests and gloves and bags, even back then.

Fast-forward 118 years and Filson’s recognisable utility jackets, flannel shirts and duffle bags have become the uniform for fashion and heritage conscious urbanites, whether heading to the great outdoors is on their agenda or not.

The rise of the brand is newly solidified with the opening of a 6,000 sq ft flagship boutique, located under the same roof as its production facility in Seattle. Embodying the adventurous spirit of the Pacific Northwest with its wood-lined interior, up-cycled lumber trellises, intricate ironwork and art pieces by local artists, the boutique offers the largest selection of Filson goods in the United States.

In addition to perusing products exclusive to Seattle, visitors to the shop can also catch glimpses into the factory and observe how Filson’s timeless wares are made. In spite of the new digs, Filson’s love for traditional materials, such as Mackinaw cloth, oil cloth fabric and traditional trim and fasteners, remains unwavering – and mostly made in the USA, of course.