Marco De Vincenzo A/W 2015

A cool graphicism settled on the runway of Milan’s most promising young designer

six female models facing in different directions wearing black dresses with bright multicolored details
(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

Mood board: A cool graphicism has begun to settle on the runway of Marco De Vincenzo, Milan's most promising young designer. This season he pulled graphic rays from rainbows and splintered the shimmering tones across rigorously cut clothes.

Best in show: It’s great to see how De Vincenzo brings his knowledge of and love for complex constructions to fabrics like basic denim. Here, he reinvented that boring material by bleaching, dissembling it, dying and re-patching it together across narrow lined coats.

Finishing touches: The footwear was divine, specifically the grossly oversized cable-braided sandals that looked like giant prison chains crafted from rich jewel-toned velvet devoré.

Photography: Jason Lloyd-Evans

five female models wearing clothing with geometric prints

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

four female models wearing black dress with bright coloured details and rainbow sunglasses

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

five female models in different directions wearing dark coloured clothing

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

three female models wearing large grey coats

(Image credit: Jason Lloyd-Evans)

JJ Martin