What do you do with 3000 alligator logos from Lacoste? If you are Brazilian brothers Fernando and Humberto Campana, you take them to the Coopa-Roca sustainable development cooperative, based in the Rocinha favela in Rio, and have them sewn together by hand like lace, into a single polo shirt.

The women’s ’vine’ polo shirt
Limited edition in the extreme (12 pieces only), the shirt will end up in key retailers such as London’s Dover Street Market and Murray Moss in New York. The duo have also made a limited-edition classic white polo with ‘vines’ of criss-crossing logos for women and ‘islands’ of alligators for men and Lacoste have given us five of these to give away. Details of how to get your hands on one will be revealed in our newsletter so sign up below if you haven’t already, for a chance to win.

The men’s ’island design’
The Campana brothers have also curated Wallspace* for us, filling their virtual walls with the things they’re inspired by