How to maintain blonde hair, the definitive guide

Every product you need to maintain perfect blonde hair, whether its from the bottle or natural

Blonde hair in bob cut photographed by Brigitte Niedermair
Image originally featured in the September 2017 issue Wallpaper* (W*160)
(Image credit: Brigitte Niedermair)

Getting blonde hair can feel like a major life commitment, one that can be more costly, time-consuming, and damaging than a romantic relationship or a new house, but just as enticing. 

Whether you are bleaching or balayaging, going strawberry or ash. Our guide to maintaining blonde hair is here to ensure that this is a relationship you are happy to maintain. 

How to maintain blonde hair: the products

The Nue Co Supa Thick collection

The Nue Co Supa Thick collection

(Image credit: The Nue Co)

For those who have experienced hair loss or thinning due to bleaching, The Nue Co’s hair products are a game changer. Their newly launched Supa Thick Shampoo and Conditioner are formulated to work across three core areas: to protect the balance of the scalp microbiome with pH balanced formulas; to penetrate the hair cortex to restore hair; and to reduce breakage by using ingredients that bond to the hair structure.

They can be paired with the brand’s Supa Thick serum for an extra boost of thickening and scalp conditioning. While the ingestible supplements, a specialty of the brand, use vitamins, proteins and adaptogens to balance nutrition deficiencies, regulate hormones, and protect against free radicals for longer, thicker hair.

Hershesons' Zhoosh foam

Hershesons Zhoosh foam

(Image credit: Hershesons)

We recommend everyone, no matter your hair colour, go out and buy a bottle of Hershesons’ Zhoosh Foam. It’s a super bouncy moose-like product that can be applied to dry hair to absorb excess oil and add extra oomph (without the crunchy or sticky feel a lot of other products leave behind). 

For bottle blondes who want to avoid washing their hair very frequently, it is a way more effective alternative to dry shampoo, dispelling the look of greasy and flat hair in seconds. It is practically a blow dry in a bottle.

K18 leave-in repair mask

K18 leave-in repair mask

(Image credit: Cult Beauty)

Move over Olaplex, K18’s leave-in repair mask is a blonde builder that, unlike competitors, can simply be left in after your wash for a more time-efficient and straightforward experience. It is one of those most buzzed-about hair products of the moment, and for good reason – this stuff actually works. 

Hair looks and feels healthier after just one use and for those who have experienced severe damage from bleaching, it is an absolute must-have. We recommend that any bottle blondes who don’t have it already purchase ASAP. 

Davines Heart of Glass range

Davines Heart of Glass hair care for blond hair

(Image credit: Davines)

We are big fans of Davines products, all of which are sustainably produced at the brand’s remarkable mini-village in Parma, Italy. Its OI Liquid Luster is a worthy investment for any hair colour or type, but for blondes, we recommend trying the four-step Heart of Glass range. 

The range includes a shampoo and ultra-moisturising conditioner, as well as a Sheer Glaze brightening fluid specially designed for cosmetic blondes, and an intense treatment mask for strengthening hair fibre and preventing breakage. 

It is a more effective alternative to purple shampoo, with a bright indigo colour derived from jagua fruit extract. It is an effective choice for all blonde tones – ensuring warm tones stay warm and cool stay cool. Even better, unlike purple shampoos, it can be used every single wash without risk of damaging colour.

Oribe Sun Lightening Mist

Oribe Bright Blonde sun lightening mist

(Image credit: Selfridges)

Another reliable favourite is Oribe’s Bright Blonde product range. We particularly like the brand’s Sun Lightening Mist, which acts as a much more sophisticated, and effective, alternative to lemon juice. It is great for those with dark hair who want to get some natural highlights, as well as blonds who want to bring their hair back to brightness after it has gone brassy. 

Just work in a couple of sprays before going out in the sun. It’s that easy.

Dizziak Deep Conditioner

Dizziak deep conditioning hair moisturiser

(Image credit: Dizziak)

Hair masks are a must-have for colour-treated hair, and Dizziak is one of our favourites. Loretta De Feo created the buzzed-about (and Dua Lipa-backed) brand as an affordable haircare brand that prioritises hair health, products that look and smell great, and work on all hair, especially afro and curly hair.

Dizziak’s hero product is the Deep Conditioner, which can be left in for five to 30 minutes depending on how much hydration is needed. However long you chose, you will be left with hair that is soft and noticeably healthier looking.

La Bonne Brosse essential soft hair brush

La Bonne Brosse French hair brush

(Image credit: La Bonne Brosse)

La Bonne Brosse’s luxury hair brushes are a perfect companion for bleached hair that is easily breakable and prone to frizz. Its boar hair bristles are naturally rich in keratin that hydrate and nourish hair, while the nylon fibre ball ends provide a smooth detangling and deep massage.

With a range of colourful enamel bases, these French brushes are designed to look as good on your vanity as they feel running through your hair.

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