Must-have beauty gadgets of 2023 to boost your routine

We try the most talked-about beauty gadgets of 2023, so you can find the ones that will give the best boost to your regime

Girl wearing beauty gadgets of 2023
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We try the most hyped beauty gadgets of 2023 to find the ones that work. Read below to see our favourites. 

Beauty gadgets of 2023

Solawave LED therapy wand 

Solawave LED Therapy wand

(Image credit: Solawave)

One of the most talked-about new beauty gadgets of 2023, and some time before, is SolaWave. The handheld LED light therapy device is about the size of a pen, and uses a range of different-coloured LEDs, vibrations and currents to tackle skin issues: red light for fine lines and discolouration; blue light for acne; microcurrents to smooth skin; low-level massage to reduce puffiness, and more. 

Does it work? Yes. I noticed brighter and smoother skin after less than two weeks of using the 4-in-1 Skincare Wand. And better yet, it's convenient to use, which means it is a routine that is actually easy to stick to. Just cover your face in a water-based serum (not an oil, like you might with a gua-sha) and move the wand over your face for a few minutes while watching TV or making your morning coffee.

Glo Science at-home whitening device 

Glo Science at home whitening kit

(Image credit: Glo Science)

Glo Science's at-home whitening device makes it possible to have the experience of dentist-office whitening from your couch. Brush the brand's whitening gel over teeth, pop in the illuminated mouthpiece and keep it in for eight minutes. 

You will see noticeably whiter teeth after just one use and progressively improved whiteness after repeated use (it can be used up to ten days in a row). Best of all, it doesn't make your teeth painfully sensitive and soft-feeling like other whitening devices.

Manucurist gel manicure kit 

Manicurist LED gel manicure kit

(Image credit: Manicurist)

Not necessarily new but one of our favourites, Manucurist's Green Flash essentials pouch gives you everything you need to do your own gel manicure at home and – here's the best part – the polishes' non-toxic formulations won't damage your nails like regular gel does. 

Once on, the polish will stay for about ten days, making it a must-have for those who love the durability of gel polish but are tired of the price tag and wrecked nails.

Hershesons 'Great' hair dryer 

Hershesons Great hair dryer

(Image credit: Hershesons)

The hefty price tag of Hershesons' is down to its incomparable results. The best salon in London worked for years to develop a hair dryer that dries seven times faster than other dryers on the market but is light enough to be easily slipped into your gym bag or luggage. 

It is also designed with ‘Oxy Active’ technology, which emits active oxygen with an anti-bacterial effect to increase shine, protect the elasticity of your hair and keep colour looking vibrant for longer.

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