Reach Veganuary victory with this plant-based food delivery service

Food delivery company Tyme is helping Londoners achieve their plant-based new year's resolutions as the city comes to terms with another difficult lockdown

table with various TYME vegan breakfast food options and shots
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Resolutions and routine overhauls appear particularly overwhelming entering the uncertainty of 2021, especially in countries entering another period of lockdown. But despite a dip in new year optimism, a record 500,000 people have signed up to this month’s Veganuary challenge, with 150,000 people in the UK pledging to adopt a plant-based diet. For Veganuary enthusiasts across London, struggling with free time and dedicated moments to prepare animal product-free recipes, food delivery company Tyme is at your service.

The newly launched plant-based health-boosting company is serving up a range of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, as well as energy-encouraging snacks, delivered straight to your door. Seeing us through the day? Tyme’s Cacao Raspberry oat bowl, served with a shot of turmeric and ginger, a Sardinian Minestrone soup, brimming with British marrowfat peas and badger beans, plus a protein heavy Shroomy Soba dish, packed with noodles, mushrooms and broccoli. Tyme's Cashew and Matcha energy balls are also adding oomph to our inevitable afternoon slumps.

yellow THYME vegan soup on a whole table

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The brainchild of UK-born London-based Phil Winser – who opened and ran The Fat Radish, East Pole and most recently Orchard townhouse in NYC – Tyme was born when, in 2019, Burger King asked him to create a vegan burger for their menu. Keen to follow his own plant-based path, Winser founded Tyme as a response. A boost to its eco-credentials, the brand's products are plastic-free and packaged in glass jars and bottles, with compostable labels. 

For those keen to kickstart Veganuary with as much eating ease as possible, Tyme is also offering a range of limited edition kits, featuring a selection of breakfast items, shots, soups and stews and fridge fillers. Plant-based, sustainabily packaged perfection.

Tyme Sardinian Minestrone soup

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Thyme vegan protein heavy Shroomy Soba dish, packed with noodles, mushrooms and broccoli

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Tyme Vegan Thai soup

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