Hermès’ new dining set is sunshine on a plate

Brighten your table with this new yellow and white porcelain Hermès tableware, ‘Soleil d’Hermès’

Hermes Soleil d’Hermès dining wear
(Image credit: Matthieu Raffard)

Serve up some sunshine this winter with Hermès’ new porcelain dining set, ‘Soleil d’Hermès’. The 24-piece collection is the latest edition to La Table Hermès tableware family and features everything from sugar bowls to salad bowls; coffee cup saucers to serving platters. 

All the ‘Soleil d’Hermès’ tableware pieces feature geometric designs of sunshine yellow finely outlined in black and set against a crisp white background. The abstract patterns have been designed by illustrator Arielle de Brichambaut under the aegis of Benoît-Pierre Emery, creative director of La Table Hermès. It is the second collection that de Brichambaut has designed for Hermès tableware, following the bold, geometric reds of the ‘Balcons du Guadalquivir’ line, and ‘Bleus d’Ailleurs’ with its kaleidoscopic deep blues. 

Yellow and white patterned plates laid out next to each other

(Image credit: Maxime Tetard)

‘Soleil d’Hermès’ retains the strong geometric patterns of those previous collections, but whereas ‘Bleus d’Ailleurs’ took its inspiration from Ming porcelain, and ‘Balcons du Guadalquivir’ had a distinctly Andalusian flair, ‘Soleil d’Hermès’ possesses a more art deco aesthetic with its streamlined graphics that echo the look of palm fronds, flowers, and other natural forms.

Pierre-Emery says, ‘Each new project is an opportunity for La Table Hermès to narrate a new story or echo one told before. For a while now, we have been wanting to extend the first two services drawn by Arielle de Brichambaut. This new service is in line with the stylistic descent from [the previous collections], which are now part of La Table Hermès’ identity.’ 

‘Soleil d’Hermès’ yellow and white patterned tableware on a laid table

(Image credit: Maxime Tetard)

‘Soleil d’Hermès’ is a decidedly cheerful collection, ideal for summertime celebrations or winter feasts in need of a little levity.  ‘After Balcons du Guadalquivir’s intense reds and Blues d’Ailleurs’ deep blues, this new tale promptly imposed itself with the colour yellow and the sun’s theme,’ says Pierre-Emery. 

‘The bright and joyful spirit chimes directly with Hermès’ 2022 theme “Lighthearted”, but also the subtle mention of the sun and its intangibility.’



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