Mothaiba pandan vodka infuses your martini with Asian botanicals

Mothaiba is a new pandan vodka – made with pandan leaves from Vietnam – for the perfect martini to toast good fortune in the Year of the Wood Dragon

Mothaiba pandan vodka
(Image credit: Joanne Yee)

Mothaiba pandan vodka may answer your craving for the perfect crisp vodka martini – ideal to toast good fortune, wisdom and success in the upcoming Year of the Wood Dragon (also see Lunar New Year accessories for your celebration). Mothaiba’s founder Liliane Nguyan, a Vietnam-born former interior designer, had just such a craving when she was inspired to craft a flavourful spirit for ‘adventurous and inquisitive drinkers’. 

The inspiration came from UK-based Nguyen pining for nostalgic comforts. ‘I missed the flavours I grew up with in childhood, but I only ever saw them showcased in traditional forms, such as confectionery,’ says Nguyen. ’I wanted to reinterpret those flavours but in a more grown-up fashion, a refined spirit. And I wanted a martini.’

Mothaiba pandan vodka for a martini with a twist

Mothaiba pandan vodka bottles lined up

(Image credit: Joanne Yee)

Nguyen used British grain vodka redistilled by a small family distiller using fresh pandan leaves imported from Vietnam. The result is a neatly packaged, fine-tuned spirit that flirts with the taste buds.

Ice cubes with herbs and leaves frozen

(Image credit: Joanne Yee)

Mothaiba – named after the expression ‘Mot Hai Ba!’ that people exclaim before a toast in Vietnam – is also infused with makrut lime leaves, lime zest and ginger to create a crisp and refreshing flavour.

Mothaiba back of the bottle

(Image credit: Joanne Yee)

Nguyen notes, ‘Although it is distilled with four botanicals, the main focus of the vodka is pandan. On the nose, it has a very earthy, biscuit-y note, with a strong fresh pandan smell. The citrus leaves and zest help to give the flavour profile a lift but aren't heavy enough to overshadow the pandan.’

As well as making a fine martini, Mothaiba is versatile and adaptable for an anytime summery spritz coupled with the tart flavours of a pomelo, poured over ice. ‘Get playful and make yourself a tropical cocktail in the middle of winter, and stick a paper umbrella in it, if that's your thing,’ says Nguyen.

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