Cool off with Birley Bakery’s luxurious homage to Magnum ice cream bars

London’s Birley Bakery reimagines the Magnum ice cream bar, in flavours from chocolate and coconut to mango and lime

Birley Bakery magnum ice cream bar
(Image credit: Lucy Sparks)

Just in time for the warmer months, Vincent Zanardi, executive pastry chef at London’s Birley Bakery, has come up with a trio of delectable ice cream bars.

The first is a chocolate- and coconut-flavoured love letter to two timeless favourites – the classic Magnum ice cream bar and the coconut-filled Bounty bar. 

Birley Bakery’s love letter to Magnum ice cream bars

Birley Bakery magnum ice cream bar, mango, yoghurt and lime flavour

(Image credit: Lucy Sparks)

As you would expect from the celebrated Chelsea patisserie, this ice cream bar is a sophisticated and tasty take on its corner shop forebears, as are the other two flavours on offer. 

A mango, yogurt and lime creation is inspired by the mango lassis that Zanardi used to drink during his youth in the 18th district of Paris, and is great for those who prefer more zingy and tropical flavours. 

There is also a vanilla and spice berries blend that mixes banana, strawberry and raspberry with Tahitian vanilla, a light caramel finish and a combination of star anis and cardamom for a hint of freshness.

Says Zanardi of the flavour, ‘The vanilla and spice berries is a recipe that I have been doing for more than 15 years now, having picked it up from François Benot who was the executive pastry chef for Joel Robuchon (overseeing 26 Michelin stars at that time – no pressure!).’ 

Pink Birley Bakery magnum bar

(Image credit: Lucy Sparks)

Whatever your flavour choice (and we suggest trying them all), these sweet ice cream bars are a perfect way to welcome the warmer months.

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