Brussels is home to a new design fair, Collectible – a show dedicated to 21st-century contemporary design. Under the curatorial helm of Maria Cristina Didero, Pascale Mussard, Jan Boelen and Wallpaper* brand and content director Tony Chambers, collectible wares will be presented across six floors of the light-filled Vanderborght building. Exhibitors include Brussels gallery Victor Hunt and ToolsGalerie Paris, designers Os ∆ Oos and Xavier Lust, and special projects from the likes of Van den Weghe and ABC Klubhuis, here’s our highlights to look out for…

Maniera Gallery

Rei Kawakubo’s furniture

Last year, Paris gallery A1043 exhibited the furniture of Rei Kawakubo, the elusive visionary behind Comme des Garçons. At Collectible, Maniera gallery are inviting A1043 to present the conceptual pieces again, but this time within the architecture of Vanderborght, giving the futuristic furniture a whole new narrative.


Supergufram collection by Studio Job

The radical Italian design company Gufram will be displaying the collections of its spin-off brand Supergufram that launched last year. The limited-edition and often humorously designed pieces by Studio Job explore the borders between art and design while showing experimentation with materials like polyurethane.

KUF Studios

KUFcakes by KUF Studio

Founded by Kia Utzon-Frank, the multidisciplinary studio spans architectural cakes (KUFcakes) to dynamic shelving systems (KUFtwist). For Collectible, the Danish designer will be presenting brutalist flødeboller (classic Danish sweet treats) displayed atop new iterations of the KUFtwist shelving that will be made with cord instead of ribbon.

Os ∆ Oos

Matrix lamp by Os & Oos

The Dutch design duo are bringing a set of their newest pieces to Collectible. Included is geometric lighting collection ‘Matrix’ (pictured) that is imbued with the studio’s material experimentation, and their play with form and function

Victor Hunt Gallery

Suitcases by Maarten De Ceulaer

The Belgian gallery will focus on the works of Maarten De Ceulaer, creating a contemporary space with many of the designer’s modular projects including the ‘Transformation’ series for Fendi and Design Miami (2012) and ‘Suitcases’ project that nods to the De Ceulaer’s passion for travel in a whimsical installation of leather pieces (pictured)