‘I have deliberately aimed for a collection of 8 pieces that are all different from one another’, explains Pierre Charpin of his new collection for Parisian Galerie Kreo, on show at the end of this month. An obvious statement perhaps, but for a man who tends to work in series, it’s quite a departure.

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In pushing himself to create different pieces, the exhibition gives a very rounded display of whatCharpin does best: exploring materials, experimenting with shapes and playing with compositions.
Because of these elements the collection feels quite fucntionally ambiguous - something Charpin agrees with: ‘I’ve designed a collection of things rather than objects,’ he says, explaining, ‘objects have a precise definition, while things remain a bit vague and depend on the appreciation of the person involved’. Though each piece is first and foremost a beautiful ’thing’, unlike much limited edition design, they’re all intended to be used, not just admired.
Some elements, like the ’Coque’ table and the ’Structure’ shelves are extensions of projects Charpin has done before. Others are a bit more adventurous. So the Monolith hat stand looks like a cylindrical, Kapoor-esque statue rather than an obvious place to put a hat. The Suspension side table, which hangs from the ceiling, looks like you wouldn’t dare trust it with a book, let alone a glass of water, but it looks sensational and works too.
The exhibition is actually called 8 ½, a cheeky nod to the fact that the Moon mirror, the 9th object on display, was sneakily revealed in the gallery’s previous show.