Having grown from a casual swivel chair to a full range of seating, Piero Lissoni’s KN series for Knoll combines the Italian designer’s unique approach to furniture design with the company’s decades-old savoir faire.

The history of the KN family of furniture is, as Lissoni puts it, ‘a case of “the more you get, the more you want”.’ He continues: ‘We began with a swivel chair, then we raised it and added movement. But this chair had to have one special characteristic: it had to seem like a cloud, floating in the air. This led to [more designs].’

Each piece in the collection, which started in 2018, is identified by a number, such as the ‘KN05’ sofa, the ‘KN06’ dining chair and, the latest addition, the ‘KN07’ chair. This is, says Lissoni, ‘a very simple chair, clear and basic, but it contains the DNA of Knoll – in short, when you see it you know it is a Knoll creation. So here we are!’

Piero Lissoni with his KN02 armchair for Knoll

Piero Lissoni with his ‘KN02’ armchair and ‘KN03’ ottoman for Knoll

The collection is defined by curves and slim profiles, which offer unique comfort as well as an aesthetic language for the series. A versatile collection suitable for domestic use or large public spaces, and each piece is available in a range of textile upholstery and leather options. It perfectly responds to Knoll’s values: design, quality of materials, maximum comfort and attention to detail.

KN04 chair by Piero Lissoni for Knoll

The ‘KN04’ chair

The KN collection by Piero Lissoni for Knoll is now celebrated through a new video, showcasing the full range of designs and their beauty. Lissoni playfully interacts with his pieces, which become the characters of a fashion-style show. 

Watch: KN by Piero Lissoni for Knoll

Film by Veronica Gaido