You can now buy robotic Ori ‘Cloud Bed’ that ‘floats’ away to transform your space

For the first time, New Yorkers will be able to order Ori's space-transforming ‘Cloud Bed’, imagined for small-space urban living

Ori’s ‘Cloud Bed’ in a room
Ori’s ‘Cloud Bed’, which rises to the ceiling to reveal living space beneath, originally launched in 2019, and is now available directly to consumers for the first time
(Image credit: Ori Design Studio)

Boston-based smart-living brand Ori has become known for its connected robotic furniture for small urban spaces. ‘Ori’s systems make possible the effortless and magical transformation of interior spaces, providing the totally new experience of having our interior space intelligently conform to our activities, rather than our activities being forced to conform to our interior space,’ said founder Hasier Larrea upon launching Ori in 2016, with a robotic house project for micro living with Yves Behar's Fuseproject. Five years later, the company has expanded into a full line of furniture covering basic domestic functions, allowing users to transform compact spaces  – from bedrooms into living areas and study rooms and back again. 

Until now, the clever robotic furniture was only available to developers to fit newly designed apartments, but for the first time, the Ori ‘Cloud Bed’ series is available to New York-based customers. 

Robotic Ori ‘Cloud Bed’ for urban living

Ori Cloud Bed shown in motion halfway towards the floor

Ori ‘Cloud Bed, Table Edition’, shown in motion

(Image credit: Ori Design Studio)

Originally launched in 2019, the Ori ‘Cloud Bed’ was imagined with small spaces in mind: essentially, a platform that moves up and down at the touch of a button (in just 42 seconds), revealing a sofa or desk below as it rises to the ceiling. 

Available in king or queen sizes, and in ‘tall’ or ‘short’ height options (depending on the room’s ceiling height), the bed features a minimalist design and includes an eight-inch memory-foam-topped mattress, storage space, built-in power outlets and integrated dimmable LED lighting. The ‘Cloud Bed’ is UL certified (a safety certification) and features built-in safety features that include constant motor monitoring, obstacle protection and the option of a manual power-loss mode.

Ori Cloud Bed shown on the ceiling, below is a wooden desk

Ori ‘Cloud Bed, Table Edition’, shown tucked away at ceiling height

(Image credit: Ori Design Studio)

'Cities spark innovation, creativity and progress. But as cities attract more people, living spaces become smaller and more expensive,' reads the company’s mission statement. ‘Our goal is to empower people to live large in a small footprint. We believe spaces should expand and adapt to our lives, that smarter spaces can provide us with the flexibility we need, and deliver the experience we want, by transforming effortlessly – almost magically.’

Ori Cloud Bed on the ceiling, showing sofa below, next to large window

Ori ‘Cloud Bed, Sofa Edition’

(Image credit: Ori Design Studio)


The ‘Cloud Bed’ can be experienced at the Ori Design Studio in the Brooklyn Navy Yard or virtually at
Pricing for the ‘Cloud Bed’ starts at $16,000


63 Flushing Ave
uilding 212 Suite 403
Brooklyn, NY 11205


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