Nanimarquina showroom, Barcelona

Carpet and pillow
Nanimarquina’s Barcelona base will be the company’s first showspace to date.
(Image credit: Nanimarquina)

Spanish rug design company, Nanimarquina, has opened its first store and showroom in Barcelona.

Situated in a disused garage, the showspace is spread over three floors and covers a surface area of 750 sq m - a spacious platform for the company's designs.

A rainbow-hued selection of Nanimarquina rugs are complimented by a series of articles, curios and objets d’art, discovered on the design team's travels around Asia, Africa and Southern America.

Baskets, fabrics, tea sets and cushions can be found peppered around, whilst wooden crates and antique furnishings inject personality to the whitewashed space.

Located on the corner of Avenue Diagonal at the epicentre of Barcelona's design scene, the showroom has, in the words of the designers 'allowed the company to transmit Nanimarquina’s values directly and clearly'.


The showroom-cum-store is set within a disused garage at the heart of the city.

(Image credit: Nanimarquina)


Spread over three levels, the showroom covers a surface area of 750 sq m.

(Image credit: Nanimarquina)

high-colour rug

The showroom plays host to the full range of Nanimarquina’s high-colour rug designs.

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Colourful rugs

The rugs are complimented by various found objects from across the globe, littered around the space.

(Image credit: Nanimarquina)

whitewashed space.

Antique furnishings bring life to the whitewashed space.

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In the words of the company, ’the showroom has been set up in line to foster dialogue between the brand’s creative team and the end consumer, by creating an observatory of ideas’.%A%A

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Broom and rugs

Recycling and rehabilitation are recurring themes throughout the store.

(Image credit: Nanimarquina)

Nanimarquina showroom

The Nanimarquina showroom-cum-store is located on the corner of Av. Diagonal and C/ Rosselló, at the centre of the Barcelona design scene.%A

(Image credit: Nanimarquina)


256 Av. Diagonal
08037 Barcelona