Murano glass collection by Petersham Nurseries

’Scavo’ glasses
’Scavo’ glasses, designed in the 1950s and 60s by Antonio da Ros, blown in the foundries of Gino Cenedese
(Image credit: Antonio da Ros)

Long a hallmark of Italian craftsmanship, Murano glass steps out for a fresh airing as part of a collection of vintage and new pieces commissioned by Petersham Nurseries.

By all accounts, Petersham's owner Francesco Boglione and daughter Lara were dogged in their repeated trips to Murano to track down some of its most respected master artisans and in persuading them to either part with rare pieces or create new glassy fantasies - among them undulating glass globules, flowers floating in clear amber and opaline vases.

The results of this expedition, first unveiled in May in Dover Street Market and now also available at Petersham Nurseries, are lively and often colourful pieces by the likes of Antonio da Ros, the famous glassblower from the 1950s and 1960s; Sergio Rossi; and Silvano Signoretto, one of Murano's living legends.

The Murano glass collection on display at Dover Street Market

The Murano glass collection on display at Dover Street Market

(Image credit: press)

’Fermacarte’ paperweights

’Fermacarte’ paperweights by Silvano Signoretto

(Image credit: Silvano Signoretto)

’Goti’ glasses

’Goti’ glasses, designed specifically for this collection

(Image credit: press)

The Petersham Nurseries window display at Dover Street Market

The Petersham Nurseries window display at Dover Street Market, designed by Lara Boglione

(Image credit: Lara Boglione)


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