Ukrainian designer Natalie Dubrovska of Dubrovska Studio created the minimalist interiors for a Kyiv apartment. Responding to the client’s request to balance a busy life with a calming interior environment, the designer created a place that combines distinctive design gestures with an essential aesthetic.

Kitchen in Kyiv apartment with minimalist design, all white and grey
Kitchen and dining area, with upholstered dining chairs by Monica Förster for Artifort

Visually noiseless, the apartment interiors feature a white and grey palette, with rounded corners that further soften the space with a muffling effect. The only colours in the space are offered by the sofa, by Francesco Binfaré for Edra, its asymmetric forms and deep blue velvet upholstery creating a strong presence in the living area. The sofa’s shape-shifting nature allows the furniture piece to perform different functions in the room, with different seating approaches created by changing the placement of cushions.

The same shade is replicated in the bathrooms, where the colour is used for the sink and a small shelving alcove in the shower, and in the office chair, by Jaime Hayon

Blue office chair in grey minimalist studio space in Kyiv apartment
The study, with chair by Jaime Hayon for &tradition

The entrance is defined by a dressing room area with a concealed study space on one side, flanked by Rimadesio wardrobes in the same tones as the apartment, while in the open living space a monochromatic kitchen and dining area features a lacquered white table and elegant dining chairs by Monica Förster for Artifort. Responding to the client’s request to keep appliances out of sight, the designer created white and grey cabinets that offer a discreet hiding place, contributing to the minimalist effect in the room. 

‘Cooperation with the client was a unique and fascinating experience,’ comments Dubrovska. ‘Her references were not photos of interiors but more abstract pictures like a photo of the sundown or a Pink Floyd album cover. I had to process all those images to find the solution of how to express that emotion in a material area. Eventually, we found a concept that reflects this perfectionism and lateral beauty perception.’ §

Minimalist bedroom with plants in Kyiv apartment interior

Bed by Francesco Binfaré for Edra

Sink with plants visible behind frosted glass in Kyiv apartment

A frosted glass window in the bathroom, with the bedroom plants visible on the other side

Wardrobes in minimalist apartment

Dressing room with wardrobes by Rimadesio

A built in alcove in a kids bedroom

An custom designed alcove in the kids’ bedroom, featuring Puppy by Eero Aarnio for Magis

Blue marble sink in the bathroom

A blue sink in the bathroom

The walls feature rounded edges

The apartment’s walls feature rounded corners