One of our undisputed highlights from Salone 2009 was Dutch designer Maarten Baas’ Real Time project - a human re-enaction, in four variations, shown as four films, of clocks. A master at making people tick, we awarded Baas with the accolade Best Time Lord, and photographed the man himself, backstage at his live performance of Analog Digital Clock during Abu Dhabi Art 2009 for W* 131. Of course time doesn’t stand still and to fully appreciate Baas’ ingenuity we’ve got the original films of the clocks from the Salone show, as well as a tour of the exhibition space where the films and one live performance were shown.
salone show
Real Time: Salone Show
analog clock
Real Time: Analog Digital Clock
grandfather clock
Real Time: Grandfather Clock
sweepers clock
Real Time: Sweepers Clock