What is the Modern Craft Project?

The Modern Craft Project was launched by Wallpaper* and Ketel One Vodka to identify modern craftspeople around the world, who want to take their work, skills – and themselves – to the next level. Now this quest is reaching its competitive climax.

Having embarked on an ambitious, global initiative to discover and celebrate the most talented and entrepreneurial craftspeople, inviting applications from determined talent that would thrill and inspire, the Modern Craft Project judges in the UK, Germany, Australia, Brazil and the US have now drawn up a shortlist of courageous, romantic types who have mastered a skill while maintaining a meticulous attention to detail and personal commitment to their chosen passion.

In each country, up to three recipients of the Ketel One Legacy Prize Fund are selected by a global panel (which includes Bob Nolet, 11th-generation distiller of Ketel One Vodka, and Tony Chambers, Wallpaper* Editor-in-Chief), as well as the public via social media voting. Each shortlisted craftsperson has demonstrated mastery of traditional skills applied in a modern context and shown passion and dedication for excelling in their chosen craft.

These chosen few will be helped to take their work to the next level through the Ketel One Vodka Legacy Prize Fund, offering extraordinary levels of global exposure in Wallpaper* magazine and on Wallpaper.com.

As recipients of the Ketel One Legacy Prize Fund, they will also be granted substantial financial support designed to help them further their work and vision by purchasing new equipment, or, perhaps, taking on an apprentice or renting additional studio space.

The Ketel One Legacy Prize Fund recipients for UK, Germany, Brazil and Australia have already been selected, congratulations to Bethan WoodDaniel Heer and Maros Kaiser Mori and Helen Bird.  The Prize Fund recipients in the US will be announced shortly.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.