Kelly Wearstler’s new furniture and lighting balances ‘the familiar and the unexpected’

Kelly Wearstler launches a new collection of furniture. Called ‘Transcendence’, the pieces are made in collaboration with local craftsmen with a focus on materiality

Striped dining and side tables made of angle-cut hardwood photographed in a room with white walled and brown vinyl floor.
The Oblique dining and side tables, part of Kelly Wearstler’s new ‘Trascendence’ furniture collection
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Kelly Wearstler launches the ‘Transcendence’ collection, featuring eight furniture pieces, six lighting designs and a series of objects for the home.

A collection that ‘explores materiality and challenges scale’, the designs come from some of Wearstler’s most celebrated private interior projects, and act as an extension of the interior designer’s visual language, both expanding on recurring themes in her work and introducing new aesthetic directions. Each piece was designed by Weastler and produced in collaboration with craftspeople from the Southern California area. 

Kelly Wearstler furniture design: the ‘Trascendence’ collection

The corner of a room with light mauve walls, grey carpet and furnitures (Brown wood framed mirror, Mauve velvet ottoma with a black vase with a plant. Mauve textiled round armed chair with 4 brown wood legs.

From Kelly Wearstler’s furniture collection, Trascendence’: Colina credenza, Acero mirror, Acero dining chair, Otto solitare sconce

(Image credit: kellywearstler)

The point of departure for the collection, Wearstler explains, was ‘pushing the boundaries of each material, transcending the traditional form of each raw material.’ The collection includes the ‘Oblique’ series, inspired by a striped wooden dining table Wearstler originally designed for a residential project and later expanded into a series of tables declined in varying shapes and sizes featuring the striped motif made from angle-cut hardwood.

Another series of small tables is the ‘Triad’, also originally from a residential project and defined by large marble volumes wrapped in thick brass sheets. Moving on to storage furniture, the ‘Colina’ features a pair of monolithic, sculptural credenzas and one nightstand, designed with a plaster-like exterior which was hand-sculpted from resin contrasting with the walnut interior.

3 side hand-sculptured side tables featuring marble-like design and walnut coloured surfaces. Placed in the corner of a room with white walls and vinyl floor

The Triad series of side tables, in marble and brass

(Image credit: kellywearstler)

Other pieces include organic-shaped bowls and essential lighting features, which Wearstler widely employs throughout her interior projects to add depth and shape. The collection includes table lamps, sconces, pendants and chandeliers in a wide range of materials, from brass and bronze to glass, stone and alabaster.

The collection is defined by strong geometries, its pure lines enriched by the varied material palette and muted colours. She says: ‘I look to find tension in each piece, balancing the familiar with the unexpected to create something that is both inviting and provides a new perspective.

Striped dining table with 2 cylinder shaped legs one each corner with a hand-molded colourful bowl

The ‘Oblique’ round dining table, featuring angle cut solid hardwood stripes. The ‘Rarity’ bowl series includes one of a kind pieces hand-molded by local artisans and is defined by an organic shape

(Image credit: kellywearstler)

A clear glass vase with green plant, placed on a white sculptural moulded three-cabinet with 2 legs photographed in a room against a white wall and brown floor

The ‘Colina’ credenza, a fine example of the furniture collection's materiality. The sculptural three-cabinet credenza is made by LA-based artisans from hand-formed resin and features a Walnut interior

(Image credit: press)

The image shows half of the table. The half shown is 2 marble spheres holding up the round table top. Photographed in a room with white wall and brown floor

The ‘Morro’ coffee table, a simple geometric composition featuring three marble spheres holding the table top. The piece is available in Coulmier limestone, Nero Marquina, Endive and Sunset Pink marble

(Image credit: kellywearstler)

Round striped (black and white) dining table with 3 grouped cynlinder shaped legs (in the center) with a hand-molded colourful bowl placed on the table. Photographed in the corner of a room with white wall and brown floor

The round dining table from the ‘Oblique’ collection and, on the wall, the ‘Stretto’ sconce

(Image credit: kellywearstler)


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