Meet some of the talents behind our December 2016 Spaces and Places issue. Illustrator: Elisabeth Moch

A painting of John Baldessari, artist.
John Baldessari, artist At 85, John Baldessari has well and truly earned his place in the pantheon of greats. By turns provocative and singularly moving, his works – which incorporate borrowed images, music, videography and calligraphy – have influenced successive generations of artists, including, with full disclosure, us at Wallpaper*. But it was his challenging, yet charmingly off-beat, volume, Yours in Food, John Baldessari, that led us to ask him to create a dish for Artist’s Palate.
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A painting of Lonneke Van der Palen, photographer.

Lonneke Van der Palen, photographer

A graduate of the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, van der Palen says she experimented extensively with lighting and shadows for her shoot of Baltic Rim cuisine. In particular, she was anxious to avoid a plain studio setting. ‘I wanted to create images which were not only about good-looking food and nice tableware, but which also communicated a certain ambiance that reminds us of a very elegant festive dinner,’ says the Amsterdam-based photographer.

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A painting of Benjamin Schmuck, photographer.

Benjamin Schmuck, photographer

Although Schmuck had never met Jérôme and Emmanuelle de Noirmont before he photographed them amid a Sheila Hicks installation in the garden of the Musée Carnavalet in Paris, his rapport with the French gallerists-turned-art producers was evident. ‘When I photograph people, I try to be as unobtrusive as possible,’ he explains of the intimate, documentary quality of his work. He is currently working on a new series about sky and space.

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A painting from Drew Vickers, photographer.

Drew Vickers, photographer

Vickers was already familiar with American architect Andrew Geller’s work when he started scouting for locations for our fashion story, but he had never seen the Double Diamond house in The Hamptons. ‘We were looking for something midcentury modern that was also a bit more rustic. We were thrilled to find this. The strong design actually helped prevent some of the more overtly feminine fashion pieces from looking too dreamy,’ says Vickers, who was shooting for Wallpaper* for the first time.

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A painting of Marisa Bartolucci, writer.

Marisa Bartolucci, writer

For years, the New York-based design writer Bartolucci had been hearing stories about Alan Faena’s triptych project by OMA in Miami Beach, though she admits she found it difficult to imagine the scale of the Argentinian property developer’s ambitions. But even before the project’s official opening, ‘it’s already changed the neighbourhood’, she says. ‘It’s a phenomenal undertaking, and it’s so exciting to see how Miami Beach has transformed since I started reporting in the 1990s.’

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A painting of John Pawson, architect.

John Pawson, architect

London’s Design Museum is finally moving out of its Shad Thames home and into John Pawson’s freshly renovated former Commonwealth Institute. To mark the occasion, we persuaded the revered British architect to create this month’s limited-edition subscriber cover – a typically austere iteration of the Grade II*-listed building’s complex geometry – to accompany an essay of photographs of the museum’s interiors taken by Pawson himself.

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Daven Wu is the Singapore Editor at Wallpaper*. A former corporate lawyer, he has been covering Singapore and the neighbouring South-East Asian region since 1999, writing extensively about architecture, design, and travel for both the magazine and website. He is also the City Editor for the Phaidon Wallpaper* City Guide to Singapore.