Dazzling design: Atelier Swarovski Home enlists all-star cast for debut collection

Crystal and marble vase with single flower
Swarovski will unveil its new luxury home accessories brand, Swarovski Atelier Home, during Salone del Mobile. Pictured: Aldo Bakker's crystal and marble vase
(Image credit: Swarovski Atelier Home)

Swarovski's plans are never short of dazzling and their latest launch, Atelier Swarovski Home – due to be unveiled at Salone del Mobile's Brera district – is not one to disappoint. 

Falling under the Atelier Swarovski aegis, an enterprise launched in 2007 to create fashion accessories with international designers like Viktor & Rolf, Jonathan Saunders and Karl Lagerfeld, the Atelier Swarovski Home branch will operate in the same manner: bringing to life design pieces by the world's most respected designers as well as emerging international talents, celebrating the brand's unique crystal artistry.

An all-star cast, including the likes of Daniel Libeskind, Ron Arad, Raw Edges and Tord Boontje, have created a number of unique designs ranging from objets d'art to candlesticks, trays and vases. The late Zaha Hadid designed a piece for the brand too, in her signature sinuous style. 'Crista' is a centrepiece in crystal and metal, taking as its starting point an investigation into the process of crystallisation occurring in nature.

Many of the pieces in the Atelier Swarovski Home collection contrast crystal with other materials. Aldo Bakker, for example, chose to work with a range of Italian marbles in different colours, cut by the same craftsmen who work with crystal in Wattens. Two marble and one crystal 'supports', as the designer calls them, hold a single stem at the centre.

Among the debut collection will be Ron Arad's large, decorative letters, cut from crystal following a new typeface created by the Israeli designer and inspired by the house's crystal figurines; Frederikson Stallard's pure crystal shapes which will combine raw forms with precision cuts in a tabletop collection; Tomás Alonso's UV-coated crystal and marble trays and vases; and a majestic chessboard created by Libeskind. 

As with all Swarovski projects, the collaborators were invited to make full use of the technologies developed by the brand’s experts throughout the years, including crystal printing and the revolutionary 'Wave Cut' technique.

Designer photographed at desk in studio

The crystal expert has enlisted an all-star cast of respected designers, renowned architects and emerging talents to create this debut collection, including pieces conceived by Ron Arad, pictured here in his studio. Photography: Mark Cocksedge

(Image credit: Mark Cocksedge)

Numbers one, two, three in crystals

Arad has designed large, decorative letters, cut from crystal following a new typeface created by the Israeli designer and inspired by the house's crystal figurines

(Image credit: Swarovski Atelier Home)

Crystal design sketches on paper

Making their Swarovski debut, Yael Mer and Shay Alkalay of Raw Edges have created a series of centrepieces for the home

(Image credit: Swarovski Atelier Home)

Layered sketch of crystal object

Layered prints on the interiors of the objects produce colourful patterns which are refracted by the crystal faceting

(Image credit: Swarovski Atelier Home)

Male in studio using computer to create designs

A former Swarovski Designer of the Future, Tomás Alonso has once again employed the brand's signature UV adhesives and colour coating to dramatic effect. Photography: Mark Cocksedge

(Image credit: Mark Cocksedge)

Coloured crystal cuts of pots and trays

Alonso’s objects use clever colour combinations and precision-cut angles to produce fascinating optical illusions and effects

(Image credit: Swarovski Atelier Home)

Coloured crystal cut tray with marble bottom

The crystal and marble prisms created by Alonso are practical too – he has made them into marble trays and vases

(Image credit: Swarovski Atelier Home)

Dutch designer Tord Boontje sitting in studio

Focusing on home entertaining, Dutch designer Tord Boontje's series includes lanterns, wine coolers, nut bowls and a glass caviar set. Photography: Mark Cocksedge

(Image credit: Mark Cocksedge)

Aldo Bakker sitting at desk in his studio

Aldo Bakker in his Amsterdam Studio surrounded by prototypes and maquettes. Photography: Marleen Sleeuwits

(Image credit: Marleen Sleeuwits)


Photography couresty of Swarovski Atelier Home